Drake, Jennifer Lopez Take Love To New Level With Kids? Rihanna Reportedly Feels 'Betrayed'

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are defying all those rumors and speculation that their romance is just a "showmance," still going strong and flaunting their love to doubters. With Jennifer and her rapper boyfriend both sharing visions of their blossoming romance on social media, there's one person who reportedly is not charmed by the lovebirds. And that's Rihanna, who allegedly is feeling "betrayed" by the situation.

But it appears nothing will stop Drake and Lopez from continuing their love affair, with the duo turning into one of the surprise couples of the New Year. Noting that the two have been seen on a variety of dates, a source told E News that it's getting so serious that they "are not seeing anyone else but each other."

Did a romance with Drake cause bad blood between Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna?
Did a romance with Drake cause bad blood between Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna? [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Clear Channel]

As for who's the leader of the pack when it comes to their romance, the insider revealed that it's Drake, who is "in it all the way." But although Jennifer is "peddling slower," Lopez "still really enjoys his fun and loving company," added the insider, who also shared that Jennifer has even taken their love to a new level by introducing the rapper to her eight-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

"[Drake] is not fazed by [Jennifer Lopez] having kids. He loves kids and is sweet with them."
While on a cozy date night on the rooftop terrace at West Hollywood's Catch LA restaurant Tuesday night, Drake and Lopez "were acting very cute and couple-y," another source revealed to E News.

"They were extremely nice to the staff and really enjoyed themselves," shared the second insider.

The romance between the rapper and Jennifer reportedly began last month, with social media photos of the two embracing adding to the speculation that their love was real. On New Year's Eve, Drake gave Lopez a gift of a $100,000 necklace on New Year's Eve.

As for how all this is going down with Rihanna, Yahoo reported that she "just threw some major shade at Drake" following the social media photos of the rapper with Jennifer Lopez. Rihanna's best friend Melissa Forde shared a cryptic message on social media that was interpreted as a dig at Drake, and Rihanna's comment seemed to confirm it, according to the media outlet.

"Your Man Crush Monday be knocking over girls in the VIP to stand next to rappers," wrote Forde.

"And Athletes, LMAO," added Rihanna.

As for why this is viewed as throwing shade at Drake, the rapper often hangs out with athletes, and his roommate once was Odell Beckham Jr., "which fueled the fire that Drake's out for athlete bromances," according to Yahoo.

Did Drake
Did Drake "betray" Rihanna by dating Jennifer Lopez? [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Moreover, the media outlet cited a source's claim that Rihanna is feeling "betrayed" by the rapper because his romance with Jennifer was so swift.

"Everything Drake's done since their split has been cold-hearted," claimed the insider.

"Rihanna and Drake always had an up and down relationship but Rihanna really thought he would still at least be considerate of her feelings."
In addition, the source said that Rihanna also was "very hurt" by Jennifer as well, because she and Lopez "used to be friends."

But while Rihanna reportedly is hurt by the romance between the rapper and Jennifer, Lopez is allegedly having her own challenges with Drake, according to a new report claiming that he is pressuring Jennifer to have babies.

In Touch told readers that Lopez's relationship with the rapper "has hit a major speed bump" over starting a family, reporting that although Drake "wants to take his relationship with the 47-year-old to the next level" by having babies, Jennifer "doesn't exactly have babies on the brain."

Lopez reportedly is "content" with her eight-year-old twins Max and Emme, and is "done having babies," a source told the media outlet.

"But Drake's at a point in his life where he wants it all — a hot partner and the kids. It's causing problems."
In Touch noted that the 30-year-old rapper and Jennifer began their romance soon after her breakup with Casper Smart. Drake attended Lopez's Las Vegas show, then was seen getting cuddly with her. Matching Instagram photos completed the romantic picture.But a source told the media outlet that Rihanna thinks Jennifer is "desperate" for dating her ex, and that Casper is seeking "revenge" on the rapper.

"He's trying to sabotage the relationship," claimed the insider. "He's been blowing up JLo's phone."

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