Super Bowl 51 Odds: Exact Matchup Odds Favors New England Vs Atlanta; Tom Brady, Matt Ryan Early Super Bowl MVP Favorites

Super Bowl mania is coming. With the AFC and NFC championship games scheduled for this weekend, already thousands of people across the U.S. have Super Bowl fever.

The beauty of the Super Bowl is that unlike any of the other three major sports, people seem to have the most interest in the NFL championship game – even if your hometown team is not in it.

Right now, fans in Green Bay, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New England are all on the edge of their seats hoping for a big win this weekend and looking forward to preparing a Superbowl bash to remember two weeks from this Sunday.

But it’s not only the fans who want to see this happen, but the cities also do as well.

While the Super Bowl technically may be just another football game, what goes along with it can help out a city who may be struggling economically or just needs a good old shot in the arm to bring people together. indicates that Super Bowl 51 is being held in Houston, Texas which will definitely bring the city an overflow of visitors that will help regenerate the economy instantly, and it also will help the two home cities of the teams that make it to the big game.

NRG Stadium Super Bowl 2017

From bars and restaurants being jam-packed to Super Bowl memorabilia, this game really is a win-win for the economy.

It is also a win for Las Vegas sports books.

The amount of money bet on this single game can reach hundreds of millions without even batting an eye.

In fact, it’s estimated that this Super Bowl will bring in more money then the entire NBA season combined when it comes to wagering on sports.

While we don’t know who will play in Super Bowl 51 until Sunday’s results are final, people can wager on who will be in the big game right now and get some pretty darn good odds in doing so.

According to, the Patriots vs. Falcons is the prop bet that is currently listed as the favorite at +130. This really isn’t a surprise to gamblers for several reasons, but the biggest is New England and Atlanta are both favored and are hosting their respective championship games.

History favors the home team in the championship round in a big way. In fact, 71 percent of the time the home team, or favorite, has advanced to the Super Bowl since it’s existence.

Early odds are also out to win the MVP of Super Bowl 51.

There are pros and cons to wagering on the MVP of the Super Bowl before you know what teams will be in the game. The cons, of course, are that you may be wagering on a player or two that doesn’t even play in the game because their team didn’t win in the championship round.

Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP Odds

On the other hand, the pros are that the odds are the highest they will be right now.

A great example of this is to look at players like Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown. Rodgers is listed at a hefty +450 right now and Brown at +2000. One of the main reasons for this is that Vegas oddsmakers don’t believe that the Packers or Steelers will be playing in this game, so they fatten up the odds.

If they do happen to both win and advance to the Super Bowl, their odds will fall dramatically. In fact, Rodgers will probably become the Super Bowl MVP favorite if the Packers play the Steelers in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Below is a list of the Super Bowl 51 odds for an exact match-up scenario, along with the favorites to win the Super Bowl MVP award. Super Bowl 51 will be played on Sunday, February 5 from Houston, Texas.

Super Bowl 51 EXACT match-up odds:

  • Patriots vs. Falcons +130
  • Patriots vs. Packers +240
  • Steelers vs. Falcons +375
  • Steelers vs. Packers +550

Super Bowl MVP Odds

  • Tom Brady + 175
  • Matt Ryan +325
  • Aaron Rodgers + 450
  • Ben Roethlisberger + 850
  • LeVeon Bell +1500
  • Julio Jones + 2000
  • LaGarrette Blount +3500
  • Devonta Freeman +3500
  • Antonio Brown + 2000
  • Dion Lewis +3500
  • Julian Edelman +4000
  • Tevin Coleman +6000
  • Ty Montgomery + 5500
  • Martellus Bennett + 7000
  • Jordy Nelson + 8000
  • FIELD + 2500

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