Katy Perry Bleaches Hair Blonde For Orlando Bloom's Surprise Birthday Party

Katy Perry threw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, and even bleached her hair blonde to match Bloom's hairdo, according to E! Online. The Lord of the Rings actor will definitely remember his 40th birthday for a long time, as Perry did her best to surprise her man.

Katy Perry was the organizer of a surprise birthday party for Bloom on Saturday, and she did very well. The "Roar" singer caught her boyfriend off guard with a big surprise party in Palm Springs. Perry took to Instagram to share a video of Bloom blowing out the candles on a huge cake that says "Happy Birthday Lando" and features a huge owl on top.

Katy Perry wanted to surprise Bloom on his 40th birthday, so she invited their mutual friends and family for the bash. But it was apparently his mother's arrival at the birthday party that Bloom truly appreciated.

Bloom took to Instagram to share a snap of himself and his mom hugging, and in the caption, he wrote that his mom's visit was "the best gift ever." To make the party even more fun, Katy Perry made all the guests dress up in sweatsuits featuring Bloom's face all over them.

On October 25, Bloom failed to attend his girlfriend Katy Perry's surprise birthday dinner at LA's Delilah. The Lord of the Rings star was said to be too busy in China filming for his upcoming movie.

However, a few days later, Bloom threw an epic 1950s-inspired sock hop in honor of Katy Perry's 32nd birthday to make it up to her. It was a bash full of stars, as even Cara Delevingne and Jessica Chastain were among the guests.

Katy Perry and Bloom have been dating since May of 2016, but it sure seems as if the lovebirds share a romantic connection that goes back years. In fact, the "Fireworks" singer did her best to have an even more intimate connection to Bloom as she bleached her signature brunette hair blonde, according to InStyle.

Katy Perry, who is reportedly a natural blonde but has been rocking brunette hair for years, bleached her hair blonde so that she would match her boyfriend's lightened locks. Bloom had to dye his dark locks blonde just months ago for a movie role, so it must have been a delight to see his loved one support him with a very similar hairdo on his birthday party.

The day after the bash, Katy Perry showed off her newly bleached hair at artist Sham Ibrahim's gallery exhibit in Palm Springs. It was a rather unnatural look for Perry, and in addition to the blonde hair, she also had wire-rimmed glasses and rocked minimal makeup.

Katy Perry may be having fun at birthday parties, but it doesn't make her less concerned about the future of the United States now that Donald Trump will be sworn in this week as the new president, according to Rolling Stone.

Katy Perry, who on Friday will participate in the Women's March to protest Trump's inauguration, recently shared via Twitter a new public service announcement that asks whether Trump's xenophobic rhetoric could be a sign that history repeats itself. In the tweet featuring the PSA, Perry urged people not to "normalize hate."

The PSA shows 89-year-old Japanese-American Haru Kuromiya recalling being placed in an internment camp for four years during World War II. The PSA's director Aya Tanimura revealed to Rolling Stone that Katy Perry's motivation to get involved in the project was because she is just like "a lot of us" who is "terrified of Trump's ideals and policies."

"And this is one instance where she's able to help educate someone — even one person — on the horrors of the past and what could potentially be repeated."

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