Jax Taylor Says ‘Pump Rules’ Crew Scares Bravo’s Production: Blames Real-Life Issues

Jax Taylor has been on Vanderpump Rules since the very beginning, and he hasn’t exactly had a squeaky clean image. Over the years, Taylor has been the man on the show who has slept with many women, has lied about cheating and has even stolen merchandise from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant. And despite lying, getting into fights and getting arrested, Lisa Vanderpump continues to keep him around. And it sounds like he is actually a key ingredient in the wildly successful show. As it turns out, Taylor knows why the show is a huge success – it’s because it is 100% real.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that the show isn’t scripted like many people may have believed. Of course, many of Bravo‘s reality shows have been accused of being scripted, because some of the drama can – at times – be too unreal. Many viewers are often thinking how people don’t act like this, including how they get into physical fights as parents and how they get away with cheating and stealing. But Jax Taylor reveals that the show is very real, and sometimes, Bravo‘s own production crew is worried about just how real it is.

“Mostly because we live this sh*t every day filming or NOT!! #Sadbuttrue they just like to throw a camera in the mix #PumpRules,” Jax Taylor explained on Twitter, sharing that the stories that fans see on Vanderpump Rules are indeed the real lives of the stars on the show.

Of course, Bravo is paying them to share their lives on television, so it’s not like they live on bartending checks from Lisa Vanderpump and tips from visiting guests. And several of the stars on Vanderpump Rules have endorsement deals in place for Instagram ads or lending their names to product lines. Jax Taylor is now revealing that the drama fans see on Vanderpump Rules continue once the cameras are gone, and this can be concerning for the network.

“Production gets worried when we hang out and we aren’t filming, happens a lot but that’s what happens when it’s real #F*ckScriptedShows,” Jax Taylor explained on Twitter, sharing that the network is worried about missing out on some drama during the hiatus season of the show, adding in a separate tweet, “Can’t say that about many shows on tv…that basically the crew shows up and turns the camera on!! I think that’s why our show works!”

In other words, Jax Taylor and his co-stars don’t take time off when the Vanderpump Rules camera crew leaves Los Angeles for a few months. Many of the stars film the show for months and then have some time off as the show airs weekly on Bravo. But as the show airs on the network, the drama continues to unfold, which means that when a season starts, the drama is already happening. This explains why rumors were already swirling during the first episode this season about Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute.

“We had these same issues for years you may think it’s weird and f*cked up but that just us!! Love us or hate us that who we are #pumprules,” Jax Taylor explains about their dynamics on the show, sharing that he understands why people both love and hate Vanderpump Rules.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s tweets about Bravo being worried about missing the drama on the show? Do you think they should film the show more if they are worried about missing out on some of the storylines?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ark Endeavors]