‘OutDaughtered’ Spoilers: Busby Family Gets A Third Season On TLC, What’s Next For The Quintuplets?

The news is in, and everyone loves the Busby family. So much so, in fact, that the latest OutDaughtered spoilers can exclusively confirm that we’ll all be seeing them for another season on TLC. The question now remains: what’s next for the Busby family?

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read OutDaughtered spoilers.

According to the latest OutDaughtered spoilers from Us Weekly, the Busby’s — who are currently in their second season of the hit TLC show — will be back for a third season. Last week’s episode was the major determining factor behind that decision to renew, because it was the highest-rated episode, and most watched episode, in the show’s history. Viewers were treated to the quints heading to New York City to appear on Good Morning America, and naturally, nothing went according to plan as they threw tantrums on the way to the Statue of Liberty and basically acted the way typical one-year-olds who have never been to New York City would act. Aw!

Meanwhile, according to the latest OutDaughtered spoilers from Bustle, we can expect to see more of Hazel’s “catching up” to her sisters. As fans of the show, Hazel is the quintuplet that’s the furthest behind her sisters in her development, which caused some worry for her parents. However, it looks like we’ll be seeing her really thrive in the coming season.

“Midway through Season 2, the Busbys had to make the tough choice to have daughter Hazel go through eye surgery. Since then, the family has rallied behind her in order to make sure she’s able to see comfortably and walk, after getting a slow start. And now, after the hard work and attention given to her during the season, Hazel is catching up to the development of her sisters.”

That’s definitely good news for the little one, and for fans of the show, who have been rooting for Hazel from the beginning. We hope the little cutie catches all the way up to her other siblings!

Finally, according to the latest OutDaughtered spoilers from 2Paragraphs, fans of the Busby family will also get to see how Adam and Danielle are coping with being with parents in the upcoming season. We have mostly seen Danielle strictly in the context of being a mom, but in the coming season, we’ll be seeing more of her as a woman…and facing the various struggles of being a woman, and a mom to such a large family.

But there will be some inspiring moments, too, like when she’ll be facing off against the battle of the bulge…and winning!

“Parents Adam and Danielle get asked a lot of questions like how many diapers do you change a day (60) and when do you sleep. Adam and Danielle, who are both in great physical shape, are also asked when do they find time to exercise. Danielle shares a few of her favorite exercises that she loves to do at home. She says she loves starting the day off with push-ups and sit-ups. While warming the quints’ milk cups in the microwave for three minutes, she sneaks in her push-ups and sit-ups. Other favorite exercises Danielle does (which she doesn’t need a gym for) include: jump squats, burpees, planks, and jumping jacks.”

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