Paul Rudd And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Purchase Rhinebeck Candy Store To Stop It From Closing After Owner Dies

Paul Rudd, born Paul Stephen Rudd in April, 1969 in New Jersey, is a celebrity with a very sweet tooth. The popular actor recently declared on BBC’s Newsbeat that, when trying to choose between sex and chocolate, he found it tough to choose. Even after much consideration, the loveable actor was still not able to make a clear decision, demonstrating his obvious love of chocolate.

Now, Paul Rudd and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan have purchased a New York-based candy store called Samuel’s Sweet Shop. The shop was created by the late Ira Gutner in 1994, who managed the business for 20 years. Rudd and Morgan purchased the store in 2014 after Ira passed away. According to E!, Morgan spoke about how happy the duo have been since buying the popular store.

“It had been there since the early ’90s so we were like, ‘Yeah, let’s pool our money together and get a candy store’ so now we’re the proud owners of Samuel’s Sweet Shop!”

Samuel’s Sweet Shop has been a favorite with its customers for a long time because it has such a wide variety of sweet treats on offer. With Paul Rudd now being part owner, he’ll be required to maintain the quality and brand name of the well-known sweet store. Customers flock to the famous candy store, which sells cream scones, baked goods, and candies based on apples, blueberries, pumpkin, and other fruits and vegetables.

The two new celebrity sweet shop owners are doing everything they can to get their store into the public eye. USA Today reports that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wore a Samuel’s Sweet Shop hat while presenting on Talking Dead, the television talk show that is shown right after each Walking Dead episode is aired. In addition, Morgan presented Jimmy Fallon with a Samuel’s Sweet Shop gift basket when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on December 1.

Meanwhile, Paul Rudd is also focusing on his film career by acting in television shows that has producers and broadcasting companies very interested. Rudd will soon feature in a romantic comedy television show based on two gay men living together. The show called Ideal Home will also feature Steve Coogan. Rudd and Coogan will play the roles of gay men who, while leading extravagant lives, do not get along. According to New Now Next, the television show focuses on the events that unfold after Rudd’s grandson comes to stay.

Andrew Fleming, the director of The Craft, will direct the television show, whose distribution rights were bought by a number of companies at the American Film Market.

Paul Rudd has been active in show business since 1992 when he made his debut in Sisters, a television drama. After working in television programs for more than ten years, Rudd finally got his big break in Hollywood and went on to become a well-known, polished actor in films like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Knocked Up, The Oh in Ohio, The Ten, and Dinner for Schmucks.

He rocketed to fame when he featured as Ant-Man in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Paul Rudd achieved fame after almost two decades of hard work and dedication, and it is only due to his sheer perseverance that he was able to reach greater heights. He certainly serves as a fantastic example to aspiring actors and artists who want to break into the film industry; however, very few artists are willing to wait two decades to achieve fame.

Nerdland, an upcoming comedy drama, highlights the attitudes of present-day actors who are prepared to go to any lengths to live their Hollywood dream, and Rudd will be lending his voice to one of the actors in the animated film. Slash Film reported that Rudd will be the voice-over for the character John, an aspiring actor who is completely talentless but prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve fame in Hollywood.

Patton Oswalt will also feature in the movie as the voice of Elliot, an aspiring writer who, like Rudd’s character, wants to make it big in Hollywood.

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