Reese Witherspoon Has The Cure For Hollywood’s ‘Smurfette Syndrome’ And It’s ‘Legally Blonde 3’

Reese Witherspoon is taking a break from working on Big Little Lies with Nicole Kidman to speak about what she refers to as the “Smurfette Syndrome” among Hollywood casting executives. Like many of her fellow celebrities, Reese is outlining her opinion that Hollywood films and American television needs greater diversity, but, unlike her contemporaries, Ms. Witherspoon has some thoughts on how that might be accomplished. The Big Little Lies actress is also eager for Legally Blonde 3 and Reese feels certain that the proposed sequel is just what Hollywood needs right now.

Reese Witherspoon Explains The “Smurfette Syndrome” And Why Women Need To Stand Against It

Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is one among many beginning to battle the “Smurfette Syndrome,” but what is this phenomenon? Romper reports that the term was originated to refer to films in which one woman is surrounded by a predominantly male cast. Ms. Witherspoon says she has spent 25 years working in such environments, commenting that she has never been able to find another woman on her sets.

“They call it ‘Smurfette Syndrome.’ Because she’s got a hundred Smurfs around her and she’s the only girl,” explains Reese.

That kind of situation led the Big Little Lies actress to team up with Bruna Papandrea to form Pacific Standard, a film production company run by women and geared towards backing films with an emphasis on women as filmmakers and stories with largely female character lists.

“It’s such a bubble, and it’s really hard to get your foot in the door, particularly if you’re not from the same socioeconomic background,” Witherspoon said. “If we educate young gals and give them the opportunity to see what a wonderful business it is, we could, ultimately, guarantee their success.”

Recently, Reese commented that life often imitates life, so, without any change in film and television, society will find it difficult to evolve. As an actress, Ms. Witherspoon saw it as her obligation to give back and contribute to changing society’s views by creating Pacific Standard and offering a new view for women.

“We have to see real women’s experience. Whether it involves domestic violence, whether it involves sexual assault, whether it involves motherhood or romance or infidelity or divorce,” explained Witherspoon. “We need to see these things.”

Reese Witherspoon Says The World Needs Legally Blonde 3

Legally Blonde 3, Reese Witherspoon

Ms. Witherspoon has spoken about a Legally Blonde sequel previously and, as US Weekly shares, the Big Little Lies star is still highly motivated to jump on board, as soon as things come together for another sequel. In fact, Reese feels the time has never been better and says women need the kind of positive role models Legally Blonde 3 would present.

There’s just one problem. There’s no plot.

“We’ve thought about it. I need somebody really clever to come up with a great idea, and we’ll do it,” says Witherspoon. “I do think it’s a good time to do it. I think women need that kind of positivity right now.”

While many female celebrities criticize the state of gender equality in the United States, Witherspoon says she recognizes just how fortunate American women are compared to their counterparts in other countries. Reese says she understands that, as a woman of the United States, she enjoys many rights and freedoms not bestowed upon women in other countries, adding that she tries to remain thankful and appreciative of those rights.

“I try to live that to its utmost, particularly the freedom of speech, being able to express myself, create shows like this to show how important women are in our world,” says Reese Witherspoon. “That’s what I try to focus on.”

Big Little Lies, starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Dern, premieres on Sunday, February 19 on HBO.

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