Noni Janur Spotted Almost Nude On Bondi Beach In Barely-There Bikini

Noni Janur’s sexy curves made headlines once again after she was spotted almost nude but looking sexy as usual in a bikini on Bondi Beach in Australia. Janur was flaunting her spectacular curves while almost nude at the Australian beach on Monday and she gave the cameras an opportunity to capture the moment as she flaunted her beautiful body. The Bachelor star was also seen surfing and frolicking on the sandy beach. One might have thought that her beauty would steal the show but this time it was clearly the skimpy outfit that she was wearing.

Noni’s skimpy bikini left very little to imagination

Janur was clad in a racy bikini outfit that barely covered anything. Her bikini top was a patterned and stringy piece of outfit that gave a very nice view of her cleavage while barely managing to hold her boobs in place. Her bikini bottoms was a nude colored G-string that did absolutely no job covering her posterior. As a result, the 26-year-old flaunted her sizable posterior, giving the cameras more eye candy than they bargained for.

Janur perfectly pulling off the Baywatch look in Bondi Beach

The sexy photos of Noni while almost nude in Bondi Beach were certainly in plenty. Some of the notable images include The Bachelor contestant taking a dive into the ocean and perfectly showcasing her pert derriere. The photos also revealed the 26-year-old walking out of the ocean with her sun-kissed skin covered in water as if she were in one of those memorable Baywatch scenes where the lady exudes sex appeal as she returns from a swim with water dripping down her skin.

If showing off her skin and an incredibly tight toned body was her plan, then the skimpy bikini did her justice. The cameras captured everything from her sexy long legs to her flat tummy and abs. Janur has clearly been doing a good job keeping her body in such good shape, which explains why she wanted to show off her sexy self while almost nude. Her evenly toned skin would make anyone want to hang out with her in the hopes that some of that perfection would be contagious.

However, Janur’s sexy beach body is the result of intense workout sessions. She recently revealed that she had completed a rough fitness challenge that spanned 28 days. She also added that it included a diet plan as well as a training exercise that is preferred by most celebrities. She even posted “before and after” photos, thus revealing the impact of the vigorous workout sessions.

“Wow, what a difference! Just finished the @fitazfk 28-day challenge. I feel amazing, full of energy and the program was so easy to follow (sic) just in time for summer,” Noni wrote.

As for her dating life, there have been rumors that the beautiful 26-year-old is currently involved with The Bachelorette contestant Sam Johnson. The two were recently seen buying groceries together during the holiday season. One of the sources stated that the two were seen rubbing each other’s thighs thus suggesting that there was a romance brewing between them.

“They were perched at the bar, rubbing each other’s thighs quite intensely,” the source stated.

Neither of the two reality show stars has openly revealed whether they are dating. Noni was recently approached by Daily Mail Australia but she did not want to make any comments about it. If at all there is a romance between Noni and Sam, they clearly want to keep it private. Unfortunately, paparazzi are almost everywhere and it will be super difficult to keep the details of their lives private. As for Noni, her fans were stoked by the almost nude photos of her in her skimpy bikini in Australia.

[Featured Image by Don Arnold/Getty Images]