‘Hwarang’ Episode 10 Recap, Episode 11 Spoilers: The King’s Presence In Hwarang House Leaked, Will The Crown’s Enemies Find Out Who He Is?

Hwarang episode 10 started with a confrontation between the King and his mother. The King (Park Hyung Sik) chastised Queen Ji So (Kim Ji Soo) about Princess Sook Myung’s (Seo Ye Ji) presence in the Hwarang House. She stood firm in her decision while telling her son that in keeping with tradition, he should marry the Princess. The King proclaimed that he will not bow down to the Queen’s wishes but his mother told him that he did not have a say in this choice.

While searching for Kim Ji Dwi, the identity assumed by the king, Ah Ro (Go Ara) heard Ji Dwi address the Queen as mother. The Commandant realized she heard enough to put the King’s life at risk and held her hostage.

Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) and his father met right before the Hwarang presentation. His father reminded him that he only wanted the best for his son. However, Ban Ryu retorted bitterly and told his father that he never cared about him.

Thanksgiving Festival

Ban Ryu did not carry out his father’s orders to ruin the Hwarang presentation but someone ripped the instruments apart. Despite the disheartening scene, Sun Woo reassured everyone that the Master Sun Wook he knew will find a way to make the Hwarang presentation successful. Using makeshift instruments, Hwarang performed their part in the Thanksgiving festival successfully. The people were thrilled to see the most handsome men of Hwarang perform for them.

Right after the Hwarang presentation, the Commandant brought Ah Ro to the Queen. The Commandant informed the Queen that Ah Ro might have overheard her conversation with the King. The King saw the Commandant with a suspicious baggage and felt that something is amiss. When his personal guard informed him that Ah Ro has been taken hostage by the Queen, he wasted no time to get to the Palace. The Queen ordered the Commandant to kill Ah Ro but before the Commandant could strike her, the King arrived.

Hwarang and King, Sam Maekjong wields his power

In the previous episode, the King showed courage to go against his mother and he proved that he can do it in Episode 10. He ordered the Commandant to kneel before him and asserted his power as King. As the King led Ah Ro out of the Palace, the Queen told the Commandant that they need to find a way to separate the two.

After he revealed his real identity, the King was surprised about Ah Ro’s nonchalant reaction. Kim Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) who has been looking for Ah Ro saw them together and asked her where she went. Ah Ro walked away but Sun Woo followed her and told her that he wanted to show her something. Despite Ah Ro’s refusal, Sun Woo grabbed her hand and took her to her brother’s grave in the woods. Sun Woo told Ah Ro how much his brother missed her. Ah Ro made it clear to Sun Woo that she will not accept him as her brother. However, Sun Woo was firm on his position to remain as her brother whether she liked it or not. He told her that protecting her is the sole reason he still lives.

Master Woo Reuk was introduced in Hwarang House in Episode 9 not as a peasant but as a master. Right after the Hwarang presentation, he had a drink with Master Hwi Kyung. Master Woo Reuk apologized for not keeping his promise to keep Dog-Bird, who is now living as Sun Woo, away from Silla. In a prior episode, Master Woo Reuk referred to Dog-Bird as someone who should not have been born and this could have a major effect on Silla’s future. Master Hwi Kyung dismissed his worries saying that Sun Woo might still live quietly despite being a Hwarang.

In the same episode, Master Hwi Kyung visited Master Ahn Ji pretending that he required medical care for his leg. He told the doctor that if he could ride a horse and go to war, he could have been a King. However, with his current condition, it is not surprising why his name was removed from the Royal Family’s genealogy book. He then warned the doctor that his daughter Ah Ro was taken by the Commandant to the Palace after the Hwarang presentation during the festival. Master Ahn Ji asked why he shared the information. Master Hwi Kyung merely smiled and told him that he just wanted to pay a debt.

Time Off From The Hwarang House

Most of the Hwarang men were in Okta on their day out of Hwarang House. Noticing that the King is unusually happy, his guard noted that he should not be too cheerful especially now that someone knew about his real identity. The King dismissed his guard’s worries and gave him an order to strike down anyone who harms Ah Ro even if it is the Commandant.

Soo Ho spent the day having fun with his friends who hinted about his inability to remember what happened during the night they sneaked away from Hwarang House. When his sister, Soo Yun, stepped in, the memories came back. Soo Yun tried to talk to Ban Ryu to apologize but her enraged brother stepped into the room and punched Ban Ryu. Before his brother could do further damage, she bonked him in the head with the bottle of liquor and his brother passed out. After the incident, So Hoo chastised her sister for holding him back. Soo Yun finally told him what really happened and warned him not to touch Ban Ryu once they are back in the Hwarang House.

During their time out of the Hwarang House, Sun Woo went home to Master Ahn Ji’s house. The Master asked about life in the Hwarang House and how Ah Ro is doing. Master Ahn Ji subtly reminded Sun Woo in Episode 10 that he wanted him to treat Ah Ro like a real sibling and protect her while they are in the Hwarang House.

The Next Hwarang Assignment

Given the success of the Hwarang performance during the festival, everyone passed the last assignment. With everyone back in Hwarang House, Master Kim Wi Hwa handed the next assignment by introducing the Hwarang to their disciples.

These disciples were allowed to choose the Hwarang who will be their master. The King’s personal guard decided to join as a disciple so he could move freely in the Hwarang House. Kang Sung was sent by Master Young Shil to monitor Ban Ryu’s movement while he trained as part of Hwarang. In an unexpected turn of events, Han Sung’s half-breed brother, Dan Sae, chose Sun Woo as his Hwarang master. The first assignment was for Hwarang to learn how to shoot arrows while riding a horse – a task that Sun Woo is completely inadequate at.

Hwarang Episode 10 reveals some secret on Dog Bird's birth

In Hwarang Episode 9, Ah Ro learned the King’s identity. This gave Ji Dwi more reason to pursue her relentlessly in the Hwarang House. The conflicted Ah Ro still had to deal with her feelings for Sun Woo but her pseudo brother did his best to avoid her even if they are both inside the Hwarang House.

When Ah Ro finally cornered Sun Woo, she told him how much she hated him for treating her like a stranger. In a previous episode, she told her brother she does not want him to get hurt. In Episode 10, however, she went on to tell him that she wanted him to get hurt and be in pain.

High strung on his emotions, Sun Woo mounted a horse and continued practicing his marksmanship for the next Hwarang assignment. Suddenly, he felt faint and fell off his horse. Ah Ro who has been watching Sun Woo, rushed to his side right away. She tried to feel for his pulse but she could not find it and she started to panic thinking that he was dead.

In the final scenes of Hwarang Episode 10, Ah Ro started confessing her feelings to Sun Woo while crying her heart out. Sun Woo slowly reached out for her and leaned in to kiss Ah Ro.

“Hwarang” Episode 11 Spoilers

Based on the Episode 11 preview for Hwarang, Master Young Shil will know that the King is in Hwarang House because of the bracelet that Sun Woo has been keeping. His spy, Kang Sung can investigate the Hwarang men and they will devise a way to find out who the King is.

After witnessing how Sun Woo collapsed in Hwarang Episode 10, Ah Ro decides to sleep beside Sun Woo to make sure that he is alright. The two will start seeing each other as lovers not as siblings during their time together in Hwarang House. However, there will be obstacles in their path and the first one will be the King.

The King has been following Ah Ro closely in Episode 10 and based on Hwarang Episode 11 spoilers, he will ask for an explanation why Sun Woo kissed his sister. He tries to get Sun Woo to confess but he might not get the answer that he is looking for.

Meanwhile, Princess Sook Myung is going to take her duties in the Hwarang House seriously according to Episode 11 spoilers. The Princess believes that it is time for Hwarang to master martial arts. She also suggests a fight till death for the next Hwarang assignment. However, a duel between Hwarang men might not be the only deadly thing in Hwarang House in the upcoming episode.

Hwarang Episode 11 spoilers reveal that the Queen orders the Princess to end Ah Ro’s life and asked her to keep it secret.

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