Harley Quinn Will Pull Double Duty, As She Appears On ‘Gotham’ And Returns To DC Comics

While the success of Suicide Squad is still being widely debated, there was one DC character in the film who made a very big impact among comic book loyalists and new fans. Margot Robbie brought Harley Quinn to character with just the right level of enthusiasm, sex appeal, and crazed villainy to delight both casual fans and hardcore DC Comics traditionalists. Riding Harley Quinn’s new surge of popularity, Fox’s Gotham is planning to bring Harley to life on the small screen sooner than expected, as DC Comics writer Paul Dini attempts to breathe new life into his own Quinn creation.

Gotham To Deliver Harley Quinn Into The Dark City

Harley Quinn, Barbara Kean, Gotham

There’s no denying that Harley Quinn has become one of DC’s most popular characters, even prior to the release of last year’s Suicide Squad, and talk of bringing Harley to Fox’s Gotham has endured almost since season 1 of that Fox series. As Cinema Blend shares, Gotham showrunners had planned to delay the introduction of a Harley Quinn story arc for awhile longer, but it seems Gotham producers are now eager to capitalize on the new surge of popularity the DC Comics has enjoyed, since Suicide Squad debuted in theaters.

Even with rumors circulating that Harley Quinn will be seen on Gotham sooner than expected, the show’s producers are still reluctant to confirm just when the Joker’s leading lady will step into the dim lights of Gotham City. The closest to a confirmation came when Gotham executive producer John Stephens said that Harley Quinn “might” make her debut in episode 22 of this season.

To put that in perspective, the next episode of Gotham, which is set to air on January 23, will be Episode 13.

Following the current story arcs, it does seem that Gotham is setting the stage for Harley Quinn’s emergence. First, Gotham can hardly have Harley without a Joker and fans will note that a developing story arc is leading the way for the resurrection of Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). Also, it has long been suspected that Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) might be the Harley Quinn forerunner Gotham producers have previously teased and that character’s screen time seems to be increasing, as she sets herself up to wrestle power and control of Gotham from Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor).

If Harley Quinn is introduced in the last episodes of this season, it can only mean that the showrunners have a big story arc planned for Harley Quinn in season 4 of Gotham.

Harley Quinn Creator Paul Dini Returns To DC Comics And To His Iconic Creation

Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, DC Comics

While Harley Quinn didn’t debut in DC’s comic books – that honor was reserved for Batman: The Animated Series– and originally hadn’t been slated for a comic book series of her own, IO9 reveals that Harley has grown so popular that DC did, in fact, give her a comic book presence. Now, after Paul Dini has returned to write for DC, it has been revealed that there will be a greater Harley Quinn story arc.

Uniting with Harley Loves Joker writer Jimmy Palmiotti, Dini will co-write a backstory for Harley that will explore her past, particularly in the days that Quinn and Joker were a hot item. There’s currently no word on just how in-depth this story arc will be or how long Dini will stick with DC Comics, but the idea of a Harley Quinn backstory would seem to involve a complex story arc.

In any case, seeing Harley Quinn back on the pages of DC comic books written by her creator will be a rare and previously unexpected treat, so even a few issues are sure to grab the attention of DC fans.

Harley Quinn #17 is expected to hit stands on April 5.

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