Amazon Locker Service Coming To A Staples Store Near You

Amazon has announced plans to expand the Amazon Locker Delivery program. If you are unfamiliar with the relatively new Amazon service, it basically allows customers to ship items to their very own outsourced locked unit.

Amazon Locker service is especially useful when someone wants to surprise a friend, family member, or loved one with a gift and therefore they do not want the gift delivered to their home.

Staples is just now beginning to work with Amazon to install the lockers throughout its hundreds of stores.

According to Amazon, its new partner will charge a small fee to customers. That fee much like a PO Box will give buyers sole access to their very own Amazon Locker for a short period of time.

Once a package is delivered, customers must pick up their items within 3 days.

After choosing to have a package delivered to an Amazon Locker, the company sends buyers a pin which allows them to unlock the Amazon Locker and retrieve the item.

Amazon has been quick to roll out the Amazon Locker program which is already available in grocery, convenience, and drug stores throughout the United States.

This new option comes at a time when Amazon is attempting to beat out brick and mortar locations with same-day delivery and free 2-day shipping options meant to lure in new customers.

With millions of business customers Staples could offer the perfect Amazon Locker location for busy business owners and employees who want to receive packages but don’t necessarily want a ton of Christmas presents arriving at their place of work.