‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Son Morgan Could Return — If Bryan Craig Gets His Way

General Hospital spoilers are out and it looks like Sonny’s son Morgan may return to the popular soap. This isn’t the first time that we’re hearing actor Bryan Craig might return to the show. As the Inquisitr reported, back in December, it was rumored that Morgan was set to make his return to Port Charles.

Back then General Hospital viewers were wondering if Bryan Craig was going to reprise his role as Sonny’s son after the actor posted a cryptic tweet about his fate on the show. As fans know, Morgan Corinthos died suddenly in a car explosion. Before that, he was struggling with mental illness, as he had just been diagnosed with bipolar, something that his father Sonny can certainly relate to. Morgan was getting the help he needed and then suddenly General Hospital pulled the plug on the character.

Before the new General Hospital spoilers, Bryan Craig, the actor portraying the popular General Hospital character, wrote an official statement about his time on the show.

“It’s been an amazing journey, but I feel like the time is right for me to say goodbye to GENERAL HOSPITAL and Morgan Corinthos. This was not an easy decision and I am extremely grateful to ABC, [Executive Producer] Frank Valentini and the entire GH cast and crew for the opportunity and their unyielding support. To the wonderful fans who have embraced and loved Morgan as one of their own, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

When he wrote the statement, it seemed like everything was set in stone, but as it turns out nothing is final when it comes to General Hospital. Now we’re learning that there was something more to the tweet that the actor left for fans to analyze.

General Hospital spoilers state that if we’re to believe Bryan Craig, Morgan might have survived that epic bombing. While the actor didn’t directly talk about Morgan’s fate, he did say in a recent interview that he would be open to returning as Morgan in a recurring “non-contract” position. Does this mean Morgan is going to return in flashbacks or will we see Morgan alive and well in Port Charles?

Well, here’s what General Hospital has laid out for us regarding bread crumbs. As viewers of the show know, Morgan Corinthos’ body was never found after the accident. Now, in the past when a character’s body goes missing at the scene of a crime, this usually means they’re still alive. Even when their body was thought to be found, they still find a way to make it back alive and well, so the conclusion that Morgan isn’t dead isn’t far fetched when it comes to General Hospital’s history.

Other General Hospital spoilers indicate that Morgan will have a huge part in a storyline, so whether you like him or not, you will be at least hearing a lot about him. Ava’s involvement in Morgan’s “death” is reportedly coming to a head, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. It was revealed that Ava switched out Morgan’s bipolar medication, which lead to Morgan acting out of character. As fans know, Morgan wound up stealing Julian’s car which is why he was in the car when it blew up.

Even though we’re not sure whether or not Bryan Craig will return to the show, spoilers indicate that Sonny will have a question or two for Ava, when it comes to her involvement in his “death.” Odds are Sonny is piecing together what happened, and as it stands, if he’s coming to the conclusion that Ava is involved, then he’s not the only one.

General Hospital spoilers once revealed that Scott is aware of the fact that Ava had something to do with Morgan’s death due to her confession, but will Ava be saved from grave danger if Morgan turns up alive on General Hospital? Only time will tell.

What do you think of the latest General Hospital spoilers?

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