Christina Aguilera And Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Your Body’ With Office Supplies [Video]

Christina Aguilera stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show, performing a remix of her song “Your Body” with The Roots. Nothing out of the ordinary here, except that standard office supplies stood in for actual musical instruments.

In what will probably be called the most extreme unplugged performance ever recorded, Aguilera and The Roots were joined by host Fallon for a performance of the singer’s new single, which will debut on her fifth studio album.

If you can buy it at Office Max, chances are, Aguilera, Fallon, and The Roots used it in their performance of “Your Body.” They use pencils, rulers, paper, keyboards, scissors, and more. I think the drummer is clicking away on half-full coffee pots. Aguilera herself used the percussive stapler to enhance her already-stunning vocals, which, you guessed it, seem oddly out of place during this hilarious performance.

And, of course, host Fallon was there to bump and grind, or something.

Thus far, “Your Body” hasn’t made much of an impression on the radio charts and hasn’t reached the smash-hit status that Aguilera is accustomed to by now. Still, it’s a pretty good song, and seeing the singer “out of character” and having a little fun certainly won’t hurt her chances of selling the album in the long run.

Aguilera’s fifth studio album, Lotus, will debut in just under two weeks, and the singer has been hard at work promoting it with television appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the NBC telethon Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together.

Here’s the video of Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots, rocking out with office supplies.