Lala Kent On James Kennedy’s Non-Disclosure Claim To Stassi Schroeder And Kristen Doute: Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Deny Signing It

Lala Kent apparently isn’t mad at James Kennedy for, as viewers saw happen on the latest Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday night, telling Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute that her boyfriend has been handing out a non-disclosure agreement form to people in a bid to keep his identity a secret. After that scene aired, James, perhaps feeling remorseful for basically throwing Lala under the bus, tweeted a photo of himself and Lala. James declared that he and Lala will be best friends until the end and thanked Lala for being herself. James also apologized if he was harsh with her.

In response to James’ tweet, Lala agreed that they’d be friends till the end. Lala did tell James, however, that he says “some stupid s**t” when he’s mad.

“My thief till the tomb. You do say some stupid s**t when you’re mad tho.”

Lala tweeting that James said “some stupid s**t” wasn’t the only way she denied James’ claim to Stassi and Kristen. Lala also tweeted that James wasn’t even at Coachella with her.

Two other people denying the non-disclosure agreement claim are Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval. During Ariana and Tom’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, on Monday night, Andy asked them a lot of questions about Lala’s boyfriend and James’ non-disclosure agreement claim. Ariana and Tom said that they have never met Lala’s boyfriend. Asked if they can confirm or deny that Lala’s boyfriend is married, Ariana said that they really couldn’t.

“No, not really. Not really.”

As for whether they think Lala’s boyfriend brought her a Range Rover, which Lala denied was brought for her by her boyfriend when she spoke to Katie Maloney, Ariana said that it “seems likely.” “Yeah, seems likely,” Tom agreed.

As for whether they really did sign a non-disclosure agreement form as James speculated, both said no.

“No. Hell No,” Tom said.

“No. That was the first time I had heard of this NDA thing,” Ariana said, referring to the moment when she was asked about it by Stassi and Katie at Katie’s bridal shower.

When Andy asked if Lala’s boyfriend was at the house at Coachella (the house that he paid for), Ariana said that he wasn’t even there.

“No, and I know this because I showed a picture of who is rumored to be the married boyfriend to a friend of ours who is not involved with this at all and I said ‘is this the guy you saw show up and pay for the house?’ and he said no.”

Ariana added that she never saw the guy who paid for the house because she was in the bedroom getting ready to go to the festival. Tom added that Lala gave her wristband away, didn’t even go to the festival, and they didn’t see her the entire weekend.

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, James Kennedy met up with Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute. Kristen told James that while he may think that he and Lala Kent are good friends, Lala does nothing but “talk s**t” about him behind his back. Kristen told James that Lala tells people that she doesn’t even like James, that they’re not friends, and that he cheats on his girlfriend.

Angry, James acknowledged that Lala has been acting really weird to him lately. James admitted that he has never met Lala’s boyfriend, whom Stassi and Kristen believe to be married. James also admitted that Lala’s boyfriend has paid for a lot of things, including his and his girlfriend’s tickets to Coachella and the house that they stayed in. James then dropped the bomb that when he and his girlfriend were at Coachella, he was asked to sign a non-disclosure form to keep Lala’s boyfriend’s identity a secret.

“Lala’s boyfriend basically rented this amazing house for Coachella, tickets, food, alcohol, the whole weekend. Only catch is that you have to sign a f**king non-disclosure agreement which basically states that I can’t talk about her boyfriend at all.”

James showed Stassi and Kristen the non-disclosure form on his phone. Unfortunately for Stassi and Kristen, Lala’s boyfriend’s name wasn’t listed on the form.

James said that he did not sign the form, but he bets that Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, who went on the same Coachella trip, signed it because they wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the house if they didn’t.

Photos were flashed on the screen of James and his girlfriend at Coachella. He didn’t clarify why he and his girlfriend were still allowed to stay at the house and use the other benefits that Lala’s boyfriend paid for despite him not signing the non-disclosure form if there was actually indeed one.

In her confessional interview, Stassi speculated that the reason why Ariana and Tom have defended Lala so much is because they have been the recipient of Lala’s boyfriend’s generosity and signed the non-disclosure form.

Later, at Katie’s bridal shower, Stassi, accompanied by Katie, asked Ariana about the non-disclosure agreement form. Ariana said that she never signed it and that she would never do such a thing. She also said that she never saw a man who could’ve been Lala’s boyfriend.

Stassi, in her confessional interview, gave her opinion that Ariana was lying. Stassi pointed out that Ariana was choking on her words and fidgeting.

Regarding that scene, Lala poked fun at how Katie couldn’t even stop obsessing over her at her own bridal shower.

Lala also expressed bewilderment that Stassi, who has forgiven Kristen for sleeping with her now ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor, the fallout of which viewers saw happen in a previous season, is so disturbed by her keeping her relationship private.

Lala just doesn’t understand why the other women can’t stop talking about her relationship.

If Lala’s boyfriend isn’t married, then why is she keeping his identity a secret? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala explained in an interview in December 2016 why she won’t reveal her boyfriend’s identity. She also confirmed that she quit the show during filming and has no intention of doing the reunion show.

With the filming of the Vanderpump Rules season 5 reunion show coming up, the big question now is whether Lala Kent, who has been the focus of much speculation and drama this season, will change her mind and actually show up. Also, if she does, will her friend James Kennedy and allies Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval come to her aid when she’s inevitably criticized by Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Katie Maloney?

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