‘Timeless’ Season 1: ‘Supernatural’ Reunions Coming To The Show

Timeless is getting Supernatural with two reunions coming to the show. Both of these will come up in February as the show continues its delve into history and stopping the butterfly effect of changes.

For Supernatural fans who don’t know, Timeless is one of two new shows created by former Supernatural showrunners. In fact, this one is created by SPN’s original creator, Eric Kripke. It focuses on three people — Lucy Prescott, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin — who need to travel in time to stop a terrorist from changing the world. The terrorist believes that he is making changes for the better, but the three heroes don’t quite believe that.

Supernatural fans will get to see the first reunion in February, as Misha Collins appears for an episode. The time-traveling heroes will take a step back into 1931 Chicago, where the terrorist, Garcia Flynn, wants to help Al Capone succeed. The heroes have no choice but to work with Eliot Ness to stop Capone and prevent history from being changed.

Collins has become a firm favorite in the SPN family after appearing as angel Castiel for the first time in the Supernatural Season 4 premiere. While originally only a temporary character and killed off a few seasons later, he was brought back due to fan outcry and has remained since. There is no Supernatural without this man, despite the show originally being about the two Winchester brothers.

The good news for Supernatural fans is that Collins will only appear in one episode of Timeless Season 1. He appears as Ness in Episode 15, which will air on February 13, 2017.

This isn’t the first time Eliot Ness has appeared on TV screens. In fact, this is technically another Supernatural reunion, as the character was portrayed in Season 7, according to Yahoo TV. While played by X-Files actor Nicholas Lea in the Supernatural episode, Kripke said that he instantly thought of Collins for the role in Timeless.

The second Supernatural reunion will happen around the same time in Timeless Season 1, but will last longer. Jim Beaver will appear for three episodes as NSA Agent Neville, who will be there to lock horns with Homeland Security’s Agent Christopher. The details of his character have not yet been released, and this is an entirely fictional character for the show, unlike Collins’ historical figure.

Beaver played Bobby Singer, a surrogate father for the Winchesters, from the end of Supernatural Season 1. Again, originally a temporary character, fans loved him so much that he became a regular guest character until his death in Season 7. Despite this, he has shown up to help the brothers or been mentioned in passing since then.

Timeless Season 1 only has a 16-episode order for the first season. This is up from the 13 it was originally given by NBC, likely due to fans instantly jumping into the world of history, time travel, and the butterfly effect. Fans were introduced to the fact that changing just one event could cause major changes to the future, as one of the main characters realized someone was missing in the present day.

There are some questions over the longevity of the show, due to a copyright infringement lawsuit. A Spanish entertainment company believes that the Timeless Season 1 concept has copied ones of its own, about three people — a woman and two men — traveling back in time to help protect historical events from changing. The argument for Kripke and other defendants is that the idea cannot be copyrighted and the execution is very different. The lawsuit is still ongoing at the time of writing this.

There is currently no news on Timeless Season 2, but there is some hope. The show started with strong ratings but has dropped considerably since the beginning. However, it is available across all the network’s streaming services, which will affect the number of live views. For now, fans just have the news of Supernatural reunions happening within Timeless.

Timeless Season 1 continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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