‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Admits ‘Enough’s Enough’ For Owen & Amelia Amid Cristina Yang Return Rumors

Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to complicated relationships, but now Kevin McKidd is admitting that “enough’s enough” when it comes to his character Owen’s rocky romance with Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) as fans urge his former on-screen wife, Sandra Oh, to reprise her role as Cristina Yang.

Kevin McKidd recently dished some big Grey’s spoilers to TV Guide, where he revealed what fans can expect when Grey’s Anatomy returns for the remainder of Season 13 later this month. He teased that it’s not going to be smooth sailing for Owen and Amelia.

“There comes a time where enough’s enough,” Kevin told the site of what’s ahead for the couple in the upcoming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy after months of speculation about whether or not Owen’s former wife Cristina Yang could be returning.

“[Amelia] was almost a runaway bride at the wedding, and now she’s running again,” Kevin continued, hinting that the upcoming episodes of the ABC drama may not spell good news for the Grey’s Anatomy couple amid their seriously rocky romance.

Kevin McKidd

Kevin’s hint that there’s more drama ahead comes after Amelia and Owen hit yet another road block in the first half of Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, as Amelia fled after telling Owen that she didn’t want to try for another baby, even leaving a note telling the doctor not to try and find her.

“This kind of on-again-off-again thing can’t go on forever,” McKidd continued of what’s next for the couple, revealing that Owen will, in fact, go after his wife when Grey’s Anatomy picks up again later this month, ignoring her request for him to not look for her following their latest confrontation over expanding their family.

But while it sounds like there’s a possibility a reconciliation may not be on the cards for Owen and Amelia, Grey’s Anatomy fans are encouraging Sandra, who played Owen’s former wife Cristina, to return as her fan favorite character after leaving the medical drama in 2014.

A number of fans have flocked to social media in recent weeks to speculate on whether or not Oh may be returning as Cristina in Season 13 of Grey’s, urging the actress to reprise her character and reunite with Owen amid his and Amelia’s latest drama.

Sandra Oh

“Bring back Cristina I don’t like Amelia at all what so ever,” Grey’s Anatomy fan @_ngpieee tweeted out back in December of Sandra Oh potentially returning as Cristina Yang, while @RLaRe recently wrote on the social media site, “Honestly the best thing that could happen to me in 2017 is Cristina coming back to Grey’s.”

But it’s not just Grey’s Anatomy fans who would like to see Cristina return to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, as McKidd also teased last year that he would like to see Oh back on the show in the not too distant future.

McKidd admitted last year that there’s actually a chance Grey’s Anatomy fans may see Cristina return to their screens on the ABC drama, revealing to Digital Spy that he believes Sandra will be returning to the medical drama at some point.

“I’d love it if she came back,” McKidd told Digital Spy when asked about Sandra potentially returning as Cristina, teasing that he believes Oh will one day be back on Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy - Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd

“I think [Sandra] might eventually [return] for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes,” McKidd said amid fans calls for Oh to return as Cristina. “I don’t think she’d come back for anything long term, but who the hell knows?”

The actor also joked in the interview that Sandra may want retribution when his character married Amelia in the Season 12 finale last year, suggesting that Cristina may someday return to the series to reclaim her former husband.

McKidd teased that there’s a chance Cristina may actually want to return to reunite with her former husband on screen, joking that Sandra revealed she wasn’t too happy about Owen marrying Amelia.

“She was joking, but she was a bit like, ‘you didn’t tell me you were getting married!’” the actor admitted of how Sandra reacted to the Grey’s Anatomy wedding after Oh jokingly tweeted out that she wasn’t too pleased about her on-screen husband marrying again.

“And wait – my TV husband has a new TV wife?? Xqueez me?” Sandra joked on Twitter back in June of 2016, alongside a photo of herself and Kevin. “I don’t think so, Ha! Owen what r u thinking??”

Grey’s Anatomy will continue Season 13 on ABC on January 26.

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