WWE News: WWE Close To Bringing ICW Promotion To WWE Network So The WWE UK Title Can Be Defended

There have been rumors for months regarding WWE bringing independent promotions to their WWE Network, and now those rumors very well could be coming true in early 2017, especially when it concerns using their new WWE United Kingdom Championship. WWE had an amazing UK Tournament this past weekend that saw the crowning of the first ever UK champ, which ended up being Tyler Bate. The kid is 19 years old and absolutely amazing to watch.

WWE obviously really likes him, but they are having an issue. How can he defend the title if there is nowhere to defend it? It would not make sense to bring it to WWE RAW or SmackDown Live, considering there would be more UK wrestlers in the UK. Due to the need for the title to be defended, one could assume WWE would be going with their UK brand show soon.

This is not the case, however, as doing this will take the WWE a bit of time to really put together. It is thought that it could be ready to go by the end of the year, but we cannot wait this long to have the new, amazing title be defended, right? Of course not. This is why WWE came up with a good plan. According to The Wrestling Observer and PWInsider, WWE is planning to sign ICW up to be part of the WWE Network.

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ICW is, of course, a promotion inside The UK that is quite popular with UK fans. PWI says an announcement regarding ICW will be coming out soon. It is rumored the deal for the network could be anywhere between two to three years. This is significant for a few reasons. First, ICW would be the first indie company on board with WWE Network. Second, they are more of an adult themed company. Meaning, they do a lot of material that could be considered non-PG

WWE has old ECW material on the network, so it is not as if they are unwilling to put risque content out for people to see. There are parental controls, of course. However, most fans of the UK independent scene love the idea, but they also think that other promotions would be good to add, including Revolution Pro and Progress Wrestling. Progress has developed some amazing wrestlers over the last few years and has put on some amazing matches despite being a young promotion.

It is being said that not only will Tyler Bate defend the WWE UK Title in Scotland’s ICW, but he’ll also defend it in the mentioned Progress and Ireland’s OTT(Over The Top) Wrestling. This is all being done for the time being while Triple H and William Regal prepare the big UK show to use the great UK talent they have available.

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They know if they can create stars in the UK while they get the show together, they can do do well when the show finally does appear. This is why adding ICW is so useful to the WWE and their network. Having a place where we can see these great workers that will end up in WWE for the UK show will work out really well. Not only will WWE be represented with the WWE UK Title, but we’ll also see ICW material.

ICW is adult themed, and while they have calmed stuff down, they’re still putting out adult content. It is also interesting to note that due to them being an independent company, they can bring in any stars they want. That means people like Drew Galloway, formerly Drew McIntyre from WWE, could randomly show up on an ICW show whenever he felt like it, and WWE would have to allow it because ICW is their own business that won’t change up their ways for the WWE.

On top of this, other wrestlers from other companies, including NJPW and TNA, could show up there and subsequently be on the WWE Network. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when and if ICW does make its way to the WWE Network. We obviously get the major reason they are being added, but what helps WWE even more is that with the addition of one indie company, others might also start to consider coming on board. Before, it was a worry that some would not like the idea. However, with an adult show like ICW being brought on, it might change some minds.

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