‘RHOD’ Star Tiffany Hendra Slams ‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson: She Has ‘Me-Itis’ And Wants All The Attention

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra isn’t a fan of Vicki Gunvalson. In an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Hendra slammed Gunvalson for having “me-itis” and discussed the upcoming season of RHOD.

Hendra opened the interview by discussing her controversial nude history. Hendra admitted that she has no regrets about going topless for a movie and revealed that she took acting lessons from the same trainer who helped Halle Berry with her part in Monster’s Ball, which Hendra thought was basically porn.

On a more serious note, Hendra opened up about being raped as a teenager. The incident happened when Hendra was only 16-years-old. She also knew the guy who sexually assaulted her and revealed that he was a member of her high school’s football team.

“He actually reached out to me on Facebook once Facebook started, which is so bizarre, and I literally didn’t reply back. I’m thinking, when I saw that name pop up, I thought holy s**t, you know, oh my gosh. How can he even reach out to me? I don’t even like the term date rape when you know the person. Rape is rape. Sexual assault is sexual assault.”

On Season 2 of RHOD, Hendra revealed that fans will see her in front of the cameras once again. The reality star didn’t give away too many details about the new season during her interview on The Domenick Nati Show, but she did reveal that new faces will be introduced next season.

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“We weren’t filmed originally as a Housewives show. When we filmed, it was a working title of How to Make it in Dallas,” she revealed.

“As we were filming they were thinking this was going to be the first iteration of Ladies Up, like Ladies of London, in UK. They were going to make up Ladies of Dallas that’s why there’s so much social climbing and charity talk in Season 1… We weren’t named Housewives until we had already wrapped filming.”

When asked about her relationship with Marie Reyes, Hendra joked that she isn’t even on her “radar” anymore.

“Marie who?” Hendra began.

“I’m joking. She’s not on my radar anymore. She’s not on my radar. She actually filmed with us a lot more than they showed. They cut out probably 80 percent of her scenes.”

Tiffany Hendra added that Reyes’ scenes were cut because “she was boring.” Hendra believes Reyes’s biggest downfall was that she had too big of a filter: “On these shows, you have to be kinda, like… you can’t have a filter. That’s why Bethenny Frankel is such a great Housewife because she does not have a filter.”

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As far as her least favorite Housewife is concerned, Hendra admitted that the entire cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is “trashy.” But when asked to narrow it down to one cast member, Hendra didn’t hold anything back with Gunvalson.

“Vicki has me-itis. I know a lot of the Housewives are narcissists… even when she is in with her kids at dinner or whatever it’s all about her all the time, 24-7. She’s just not a chick I’d want to hang out with, at all.”

As far as her political stance is concerned, Hendra hopes that President-elect Donald Trump will help “make America great again.” The RHOD star even admitted that she voted for Trump in the general election and that she had tears in her eyes when he beat out Hillary Clinton.

Hendra closed her talk on The Domenick Nati Show by slamming Andrew Dice Clay for hitting on her on the set of a TV show. She bashed the actor for being a “pig-headed, slothy, disrespectful guy.”

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