Courtney Love Lands First Major TV Role, Relaunches 90s ‘Nasty Gal’ Fashion Line

Courtney Love has just landed a major TV show role, according to Rolling Stone. The 52-year-old singer-turned-actress has just signed on to Lifetime’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Courtney Love is undoubtedly enjoying her TV acting career. The actress has been all over America’s small screens: Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Empire. Although she has played mostly guest spots on these TV series, she is upping her game.

Courtney Love has just signed on to A Midsummer’s Nightmare for a recurring role. It will be a thriller anthology series based on William Shakespeare’s play of the same name. Unlike the original play, the TV series will be based in the modern world.

The upcoming Lifetime TV series is centered on four lovers who go into the woods for a romantic outing and suddenly find themselves stranded. Courtney Love will play one of these lovers venturing into the wood.

The list of Courtney Love’s co-stars includes Dominic Monaghan (Lost), Jake Robinson (American Odyssey), Daisy Head (Fallen), and Ellie Gall (Puberty Blues).

Although Courtney Love has had a successful singing career, she has turned to acting lately. In fact, in 1997 she even landed a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in The People vs. Larry Flynt.

Courtney Love is apparently not a fan of Donald Trump, who will be sworn-in as the new President of the United States this week, according to NME. The singer took to Instagram to announce she was voting for Trump’s former rival, Hillary Clinton.

In her controversial Instagram post, Courtney Love said even Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson are less trustworthy than having “that p**** grabber Trump” as President. The singer-turned-actress also included several pro-Clinton hashtags in the post, including #ImWithHer.

Courtney Love may be receiving critical acclaim for her roles in TV as well as her tremendously successful singing career, but many of her fans may not know that she is also a clothing designer, according to InStyle. In fact, the former Hole singer is bringing back her Nasty Gal collection.

The Nasty Gal collection was a huge success back in the 1990s. So now Courtney Love is back with a new Nasty Gal collection, which bears a lot of references to its 90s counterpart. In the new collection, Love is featuring babydoll dresses, a velvety cavalry coat, and sexy burlesque-style bodysuits.

In her interview with InStyle, Courtney Love said that she wanted to present clothes that are modern rather than retro clothes. The singer-turned-actress explained that when she says “modern,” she doesn’t mean the “Calvin Klein minimalism” type of modern, but rather aesthetically rich clothes.

Courtney Love made her new Nasty Gal collection full of modern clothes that people can wear “now” and not be reminiscent of some past times.

“I’m sort of a maximalist—that’s why I’m loving Gucci so much right now. I like things with frills and flounces.”

Courtney Love certainly showed her love for frills and ruffles when she appeared in Los Angeles at the 6th Annual Sean Penn & Friends Haiti Rising Gala Benefit, according to Yahoo News. Love stole the show with her fashionable red ruffled dress, which by all accounts was the perfect mix of 70s chic and modern flair.

Although Courtney Love has taken her latest Nasty Gal collection into a new direction, the Sons of Anarchy actress admits that there are still several touches of nostalgia here and there. When asked if it feels annoying for Love that people keep associating her with the 90s, the singer said that she can now be associated with “anything.”

“People associate me with [the decade], but I’m pretty up on things now, so I can be associated with anything.”

Courtney Love also gushed about her plans to start her own line “with a backer.”

“I know a lot about fashion — I used to be a costume designer’s assistant, and I also learned a lot from different stylists I’ve had over the years. I’m deeply, deeply interested in fashion.”

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