Trump Will Keep @RealDonaldTrump Twitter, Won’t Tweet @POTUS: #UnFollowPOTUS45 Movement To Unfollow Trump’s Twitter Begins

Not only is President-elect Donald Trump keeping his own Twitter account @RealDonaldTrump, but Mr. Trump is not switching over from @RealDonaldTrump to the Twitter account that President Obama used (@POTUS) for any of his presidential tweets. According to Lead Stories, Mr. Trump joined Twitter in March of 2009, and his Twitter account has since swelled to over 20 million followers.

On the other hand, the @POTUS Twitter account was created in June of 2013 and only has 13.5 million followers. Some would say it’s a smart move for Mr. Trump to continue tweeting from his own Twitter account instead of making the transition to the @POTUS Twitter account after President-elect Trump is sworn in on Friday (January 20). Some see the move as another way that Mr. Trump likes to keep people on his turf, such as when Mr. Trump holds press conferences at Trump Tower — a move that could continue to see press congealing at Trump Tower instead of the White House.

There is the movement on Twitter that is encouraging folks to not give in to the president-elect on the social media site by unfollowing Mr. Trump on Twitter. However, it’s not known how successful such a movement might become. After all, not only do many members of the media likely follow Mr. Trump on Twitter, because of the president-elect’s fondness for using the site, they likely have mobile notifications turned on for his Twitter account in order to get notified as soon as Mr. Trump sends out a tweet. Because President-elect Trump is known for sending outrageous tweets at all times of the day and night, Mr. Trump’s Twitter account is certainly viewed as a newsworthy location.

According to the Sunday Times, Trump noted his huge social media following and spoke about keeping his Twitter account in order to publish the things Trump wants to tell the public in 280 characters. Trump referred to himself in the third person has he spoke about putting out breaking news via Twitter.

“@realDonaldTrump I think, I’ll keep it… so I’ve got 46 million people right now — that’s a lot, that’s really a lot — but 46 million — including Facebook, Twitter and ya know, Instagram, so when you think that you’re 46 million there, I’d rather just let that build up and just keep it @realDonaldTrump, it’s working — and the tweeting, I thought I’d do less of it, but I’m covered so dishonestly by the press — so dishonestly — that I can put out Twitter — and it’s not 140, it’s now 280 — I can go bing bing bing… and they put it on and as soon as I tweet it out — this morning on television, Fox — ‘Donald Trump, we have breaking news’.”

The fact that Mr. Trump said “bing bing bing” to describe himself publishing posts on Twitter is also making the rounds online. The Barack Obama Twitter account enjoys 80.6 million Twitter followers as of this writing, much more than the official Donald Trump Twitter account’s followers. That’s because the @BarackObama Twitter account was launched in March of 2007, about two years prior to Trump jumping on the Twitter medium that he appears to love so much to communicate directly with the public. The social media team of President Obama was known for getting in on the Twitter buzz early, with the personal Twitter account of Mr. Obama currently following more than 630,000 Twitter accounts. As of this writing, Trump’s Twitter account only follows 42 other Twitter accounts.

Trump’s Twitter account recently followed the “Emergency Kittens” Twitter account, as seen in the above tweet from the Inquisitr, but soon after following the kitten account on Twitter, Trump unfollowed the kitten account.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]