Kailyn Lowry Divorce Rumors: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gets Friendship Offers After Horrible Rumor

Kailyn Lowry has been dealing with some backlash over the past couple of weeks as Teen Mom 2 has returned to MTV. The newest season started airing just a few weeks ago, and this season documents the failure of her marriage and her decision to file for divorce from her estranged husband, Javi Marroquin. Even though Lowry has accepted that her marriage is over and that the children are caught in the middle, Kailyn admits that she’s not necessarily good at remaining friends with people — and it has nothing to do with Javi. Apparently, she’s not good at texting people back and keeping the friendship alive.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now getting plenty of offers for friendships from people who feel they can relate to her behavior. As it turns out, Lowry has plenty of options when it comes to friendships, especially people who may not judge her for filing for divorce from Javi when things got sour between them.

“Reading all your tweets makes me wonder why we aren’t friends yet? Live in Philly so not far from ya,” one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry, who replied with, “I’m not good at the friend thing. I usually don’t text back & my friends have to show up @ my house to make sure I’m alive.”

Kailyn has already admitted to losing some friends during her divorce; one of her friends, Peach, decided to side with Javi Marroquin during the divorce. The two of them had been great friends, but Peach felt that Lowry was lying about some of the things that were being said and even hinted that perhaps Kailyn Lowry had cheated on Javi. But some of her Teen Mom 2 fans are open to being friends with her even though she had admitted that she can be difficult.

“That’s so me but true friends understand you!!! It’s not that I’m a mean person but that’s how I am too!!” one person wrote to Lowry after she admitted that she can be a bad friend because she doesn’t talk to people who reach out to her, to which another person added, “Hey I’m bad at making friends too but if you need a friend, I might be far away, but I’ve been thru a lot of what you have.”

Before Teen Mom 2 returned to MTV, Kailyn Lowry knew that she would face some criticism because the show documents her divorce. But she had no idea horrible rumors would surface about her marriage and that the MTV crew would go behind her back. A few weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that she didn’t have a miscarriage but chose to have an abortion because the baby didn’t belong to Javi.

This past week, Kailyn Lowry made headlines for slamming MTV producers for going behind her back to film with Javi and get his side of the story. Lowry revealed that she didn’t want to film with MTV producers, so the team went to Marroquin’s friend’s house to get his side of the story. And this was a betrayal for Kailyn Lowry. As for Javi, he has been busy since he’s been home, and it sounds like Peach doesn’t even see him that much even though she chose him over Kailyn.

“Word? Y’all changed,” Javi Marroquin wrote on Twitter, to which Peach replied, “he’s too busy anymore #MiamiLife.”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about not being great at friendships? What do you think about people reaching out to her, offering up friendships after she recently went through a dramatic period with some horrible rumors?

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