Sheree Whitfield Sued: ‘RHOA’ Star Not Paying Her Bills At Chateau Sheree?

Sheree Whitfield has been talking about moving into Chateau Sheree for quite some time, and she finally made it happen last year. Sheree spent thousands of dollars decorating her home, as she wanted it to be just perfect for her family. On the previous season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Whitfield struggled with her finances to even complete the home, and she opened up about needing money to finish the construction on Chateau Sheree. But it sounds like a book deal and a return to reality television may have footed the bill for the home. However, it sounds like Sheree is being sued for not paying her bills at the home.

According to a new Radar Online report, Sheree Whitfield is being sued for not paying her landscaping bill at the mansion. In addition, she hasn’t been paying her taxes, as she may have put her money aside for her home. Apparently, she owes the state of Georgia around $300,000 in unpaid tax liens, and this doesn’t include the recent bills that haven’t been paid. In court papers filed in the Magistrate Court of Fulton County in Georgia, contractors who worked on her home claim that she owes them $10,012.50, plus an additional $500 in costs.

“Mrs. Whitfield contracted the landscaping services of Heritage Landscape to help in the completion of her home,” a court document filed against Sheree Whitfield reads. “Mrs. Whitfield has paid some (less than half of her bill), although she was happy with the work.”

Apparently, Sheree Whitfield had hired them to work on the home even though she didn’t have the money to pay them. When the contractors learned that she didn’t have the money, she changed her tune, citing that she wasn’t paying them for the poor work they had done on her home.

“We would just like to get the balance owed,” the court documents read, to which Sheree Whitfield has 30 days to pay up.

Interestingly, this is just another hoop that Whitfield has to jump through to get her home completed. Back in 2015, she was being asked to pay $15,450 in unpaid bills by Stoploss Specialists, Inc. The company sued her for $23,000, which included late fees. And she was also hit with a bill for $291,719.06 in unpaid federal tax liens over the past four years, according to Radar Online. In late 2016, Sheree Whitfield was finally able to move into the home, but she may still owe money on it. Back in 2015, she revealed that she was very close to moving into the home.

“I have not moved into Chateau Sheree yet, but SOON. VERY SOON! I’m a perfectionist and I just want it to be perfect for me and my family, so I’ve made so many changes aesthetically. However I cannot wait to share the end results to all of my blood, sweat, and tears I’ve put into this project…very, very, very soon,” Sheree Whitfield explained to Bravo last year after appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a friend of the wives, shifting the focus onto her relationship instead of her financial troubles.

“I think it definitely speaks to Bob’s charisma and overall demeanor. He is funny and together once again, we are able to find the lighter side of things in dark or tough situations. In our group, having someone like that around comes in handy when you think about all of the negativity and difficult conflict we engage in,” she told Bravo last year.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s financial troubles? Are you surprised that she’s being sued again for not being able to pay her bills?

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