'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Did Nick Viall Get A Contestant Pregnant?

Amanda Lynne

The Bachelor is heating up 2017 with scandal. According to the latest rumblings, it seems Nick Viall's time on the hit ABC dating series may have been more dramatic than the show is letting on. In fact, rumors are now flying that one of the contestants may be pregnant and that it might be Nick's baby.

Warning: Bachelor Season 21 spoilers below!

According to OK! Magazine, Bachelor star Nick Viall could be pulling diaper duty in the near future. The magazine claims that one of the women who appeared on Season 21 of the hit show is possibly pregnant with Nick's child -- and that it is not the woman who won Nick's heart and earned the diamond engagement ring at the end.

A source allegedly told Life & Style Magazine that Nick Viall picks a "good girl" as the winner of The Bachelor, but one of the other women from the show believes she's pregnant and that Nick is the father. The magazine goes on to say that the show's producers don't know about the alleged bombshell pregnancy and breaks down all the women that Viall was intimate with during his time as The Bachelor. The report even claims that producers would love having such a dramatic twist if the rumors were to be confirmed as true.

"No one truly knows how many people Nick slept with during his Bachelor run, but he definitely tried to make moves on every single girl. Some of the women went to first base, some second base and other hit a home run. Nick definitely sleeps with his three finalists and one other girl, and there are probably at least a few more."

The source goes on to say that with the amount of alcohol consumed during the filming of The Bachelor, it is not unusual for the stars of the show to get a bit out of control from time to time while on location.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reality Steve has already reportedly revealed the winner of The Bachelor Season 21 to be Vanessa Grimaldi, with Corrine, Rachel, and Raven rounding out the top four. While Steve has a good track record with his Bachelor spoilers, he's not always correct. However, Steve also reveals that Nick has been intimate with many women from the franchise. The site claims that Nick and Vanessa are currently engaged, but Steve tells his readers that he doesn't believe Nick is interested in marrying anyone from this season of the show.

"The winner is already not happy about how much of a pig Nick has been. Nick has slept with a good chunk of the contestants but she fell in love with him for other reasons."

While fans have taken to social media to dish on the Bachelor pregnancy rumors, many fans have their own theories about who could be the possibly pregnant contestant -- if the rumors were to be confirmed. Some viewers have called out Season 21's villain, Corrine, as the most likely candidate, but many of the women could fit the bill.

Gossip Cop reports that all of this Bachelor baby business is completely false and that Nick Viall is not expecting a child with the winner of Season 21 or any of the other contestants. The site reveals that this story is reminiscent to the one about Kaitlyn Bristowe becoming pregnant while filming The Bachelorette, a rumor that turned out to be completely untrue.

What are your thoughts on all the drama surrounding The Bachelor Season 21? Do you think Nick Viall could have gotten one of the contestants pregnant during filming, or is this just latest tabloid fodder?