Christian Slater Still On Winona Ryder’s Mind After Filming ‘Heathers’ In 1988, Working With James Franco

Christian Slater is one of the rare Hollywood actors who successfully transitioned from a child artist to successful adult actor. Slater entered show business at the tender age of 8-years-old when he featured on the ABC television program One Life to Live. He later established himself as an actor by working in movies like The Legend of Billie Jean, The Name of the Rose, and Heathers.

In fact, even though Heathers was filmed back in 1988 when Christian Slater was only 19-years-old, his costar Winona Ryder still hasn’t forgotten the experience of working together on the set. Us Weekly reports that Ryder gushed over Slater on the Golden Globes red carpet on January 8. Coincidentally, both Ryder and Slater were nominated for awards at this year’s event, and the Reality Bites actress was happy to discuss her former Heathers co-star when asked about him in a red carpet interview.

“I have not seen him in a long time, but I adore him. I’m so happy for him. I could not be more happy for him. I love him so much… He’s the best.”

Following the success of earlier films like Heathers, movies like Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, Interview with a Vampire, Broken Arrow, and Hard Rain made Christian Slater a familiar face at the movie theater. The popular actor has also been involved in many television projects; featuring in television shows like West Wing, Alias, Breaking In, Mind Games, and Mr. Robot.

His role on Mr. Robot has been critically acclaimed, and he won a Golden Globe for his brilliant work in the television series in 2016, and was nominated again in 2017. According to App, Christian Slater revealed that the most interesting aspect of his job is the opportunity to explore different personalities and play them in films and television shows.

“It’s my role and my job and my responsibility to investigate what it is to be a human being and whatever facet that takes. I get to inhabit and put on the shoes of another person.”

Recently, Slater featured in King Cobra, a crime-drama based on a book titled Cobra Killer. He plays the role of Stephen Kocis, a porn entrepreneur who is at loggerheads with his rivals within the gay porn industry. Actors James Franco and Keegan Allen feature in the film as Stephen’s arch rivals.

Stephen Kocis, Slater’s character in the movie, is based on Bryan Kocis, a gay porn filmmaker who was murdered in 2007 by his business rivals. Bryan was also the founder of Cobra Video, a studio used for filming gay pornographic films.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Slater admitted that he really enjoyed playing the King Cobra character because of the similarities between his own personality and Stephen Kocis.

“I was looking for something to do that scared me. Something that was out of my comfort zone. It didn’t feel stereotypical and there were aspects of the character that I felt I could really identify with. It really spoke to me.”

Slater was also pretty excited at the prospect of working with James Franco, who was also the producer of King Cobra. He previously worked with Franco when they featured together in The Adderall Diaries, the 2015 movie that was also produced by James Franco. Slater admires the Why Him? actor for encouraging a non-veteran director like Justin Kelly to direct a risky film project like King Cobra.

According to App, Christian Slater revealed that the opportunity to work with Franco was another factor that motivated him to accept the King Cobra film project.

“I had worked with James Franco on The Adderall Diaries, I’d loved that experience, we got along very well and were looking for something else to do together, and he presented me with this project.”

Even though Christian Slater is sensitive when discussing gay pornography, he realizes that audiences have matured over the years and it’s his job to keep his audience entertained.

Slater is also in demand by Latin filmmakers producing films for the Latin American audiences. Variety reports that Christian Slater will be playing a minor role in The Summit, a Latin American political thriller that revolves around an Argentinean president.

Christian plays the role of a United States government official who plays a significant role in the events depicted in the movie.

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