Devil May Cry 5 Release Date Possibly Hitting In 2017, According To Rumors Following Hideaki Itsuno’s Cryptic Tweet

The Devil May Cry 5 release date could be hitting this year if fan speculation surrounding a recent tweet from game developer Hideaki Itsuno proves to be true. The Capcom franchise is one of the most well-loved action titles of all time, despite a sudden change of appearance in their reboot of the original.

Dante’s long and nail-bitingly difficult journey started when his mother was murdered and he sought his revenge on the demons responsible, and the hit franchise created by Capcom, Ninja Theory, and Hideki Kamiya was born. It was originally intended to be a sequel in the Resident Evil series, but the style of game was too much of a departure from what fans knew that they took a different direction and gave it a new name.

Ironically, Resident Evil ended up evolving into a different kind of series anyway and is now expected to be a first-person experience following the concept of PT, the demo for the ill-fated Silent Hills. It’s entirely unknown what the game will actually be like, as Capcom has announced that RE 7‘s playable demo won’t be in the actual game.

'Resident Evil 7' is said to have little in common with the playable demo.

DMC‘s gameplay is based mostly on style, as Dante is expected to pull off long strings of attacks and evasive maneuvers while avoiding damage. As the series progressed, it became more important to vary style for maximum scores.

Of course, the Devil May Cry 5 release date might not be what Itsuno was talking about when he posted a tweet saying, “Happy New Year! I exert myself in order to announce a new game this year. Thank you.” Other titles he has worked on included Power Stone, Rival Schools, and Dragon’s Dogma.

Power Stone hasn’t had a new entry in a long time, the last one being released on Sega Dreamcast and PSP. Considering the fates of both consoles, it’s likely that the series wasn’t deemed profitable enough to continue. Some fans are clamoring for an HD remaster of the arcade-like action title, which was rather fun and ridiculous in concept. It featured a diverse cast of extremely Japanese characters in stages which constantly transformed around them, and power-up items which could be combined in highly imaginative ways.

Rival Schools, one of the most wanted alternatives from Twitter fans, originated in the era when fighting games were the king of the arcades and consoles, says Games Radar. It was Capcom’s alternative to Street Fighter II, focusing on … well, the title gives that away. A separate pair of tweets from Itsuno in August 2016 also vaguely hinted that Rival Schools 3 might not be the project he was working on.

'Dragon's Dogma 2' is another title Hideaki Itsuno might be working on.

Dragon’s Dogma was an action RPG following the usual staples of Dungeons & Dragons. It gave you the usual spread of character types to choose from and sent you into an open world from an over the shoulder perspective with real-time combat. The sequel became an online follow-up for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is considered a favorite of many fans.

A few things pointing to a possible 2017 Devil May Cry 5 release date, as revealed by Yibada, include voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch posting a picture of himself with fellow DMC veteran Reuben Langdon, both wearing headsets and motion capture suits.

Capcom has been staying quiet about the game despite teasing it prior to E3 2016. Instead, they had announced Dead Rising 4 and Resident Evil 7. It wasn’t included on the list of games they have confirmed for 2017, but they may be planning a surprise announcement within about a month of the release.

Of course, there is also the strong possibility that Hideaki Itsuno is talking about a completely new franchise. With his track record of being behind some of the most well-loved Capcom video games, this is exciting news either way.

[Featured Image by Capcom]