Karlie Kloss Reeled Into Trump Politics As Boyfriend Joshua Kushner And His Brother Jared Kushner Figure Out Situation Affecting Net Worth

Karlie Kloss is a fashion model, coding advocate and a former Victoria’s Secret angel. So it’s surprising that she found herself in the middle of Trump politics in the new year. It turns out that her venture capitalist boyfriend Johsua Kushner’s brother, Jared Kushner, is married to Ivanka Trump. Jared has been noted to being one of Trump’s confidants, which means that Trump will personally play a big role in Karlie Kloss’ career, and possibly her net worth.

When Donald Trump gets sworn in on January 20, things will change a lot for Karlie Kloss’ boyfriend, Joshua Kushner. Not only is his brother a confidant to Trump, but because of that, he also may stand in the way of the kind of business that Joshua is interested in conducting.

Joshua Kushner is the co-founder and chairman of Oscar Healthcare, a startup that will take a hit once Trump starts to dole out his plans against Obamacare. The fact that Jared Kushner holds such esteem in the eyes of the President-elect means that the situation will get tricky for the businessman. According to the New York Times, Joshua has assured his investors that his brother’s connection to Donald Trump will not have an effect on how he conducts his business, but that also has been called into question.

“[Josh] is tight with his parents and two sisters, as well as with Jared (who is four years his senior) and with Ms. Trump,” the article reports, “whom he refers to as his sister, not his in-law.”

That also means that Karlie Kloss finds herself in a tricky spot. Many of entertainment industry folks have adamantly and vocally been anti-Trump, so her association, despite being several points removed, with Trump may put her at a disadvantage in her career.

But it looks like the fashion model seemed rather unconcerned about Trump or her boyfriend’s political dilemma. She was seen casually conducting her business in New York, where she lives with Joshua.

“Karlie Kloss looked like the model she is while walking down the streets of New York City on Friday,” reported the Daily Mail. “The 24-year-old stunner appeared unfazed by the cold wind as she wore a wholehearted smile while heading to her car. And despite the frozen tundra, she still managed to show off her svelte figure in her athletic chic look.”

Karlie and Joshua have been seen in the city a few times, doing simple things that all couples like to do.

“Karlie Kloss and her boyfriend Joshua Kushner step out to grab a bite to eat on Friday night (September 16) in New York City,” reported Just Jared. “The 24-year-old model and the 31-year-old businessman celebrated their four-year anniversary over the summer! Karlie was also spotted out shopping earlier in the day, stopping at several stores including Bed Bath & Beyond.”

But that doesn’t mean that things have been entirely smooth for them. In the summer of 2016, around the time when most people were disregarding the fact that Trump could become the next president, they were seen having an argument in public.

“They recently celebrated their fourth anniversary together,” reported the Daily Mail. “But Karlie Kloss, 23, and her boyfriend Joshua Kushner, 30, looked to be involved in an animated conversation while out and about in New York on Saturday. The couple were pictured having a heated exchange by the roadside with both gesticulating passionately throughout.”

Considering that they have been together for four years, there are bound to be conflicts that come up from time to time.

No one can deny that they are a power couple. Karlie Kloss’ net worth is estimated to be around $15 million and the Kushner family’s to be $1.8 billion. The combination of the two figures means that they are richer than some of the smallest nations on earth.

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[Featured Image by Joel Ryan/AP Images]