Galaxy S8 Accidentally Revealed? Samsung Releases AMOLED Ads With Never-Before-Seen Smartphone

The official reveal of the Galaxy S8 is coming soon, with the device speculated for an April 2017 release date. While Samsung has been extremely secretive about the design of its next flagship, a new commercial for the tech giant’s next-generation AMOLED panels, as well as renderings from a smartphone case maker, appears to have leaked the final design of the upcoming powerhouse device.

The advertisements, which were uploaded by Samsung Display on January 10 and 12, respectively, featured the newest innovations in the South Korean tech giant’s AMOLED screen technology. While the upgraded AMOLED screens were the star of the ads, what really grabbed the attention of numerous viewers was a cryptic, unmarked smartphone that was featured prominently in the brief teasers.

Unsurprisingly, the above advertisement has managed to get numerous Samsung fans excited. After all, a CNet report noted that while the device featured in the ad was not confirmed by Samsung as its next flagship, the fact that it seemed to embody a number of the Galaxy S8’s most prominent rumors has caught the eye of numerous viewers.

For one, the device in the advertisement featured a very high screen-to-body ratio, which has been long rumored for the Galaxy S8. Apart from this, the unmarked device also appeared to have no physical Home Button, something which no current Galaxy-branded smartphone has. With the absence of the physical Home Button, the cryptic handset appears to have its fingerprint reader embedded into its display as well.

[Image by Pixabay]

While the handset in Samsung’s new AMOLED display advertisement might be the first real leak of the upcoming and highly-anticipated Galaxy S8, not all fans of the flagship device are convinced. Many have noted that the device in the ad, while showing a never-before-seen smartphone, is not likely the Galaxy S8. This is because, contrary to recent leaks and rumors, the smartphone in the AMOLED advertisement did not have an edged screen.

Over the course of the last few months, speculations have continually emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the rumored Galaxy S8 Plus would be released exclusively as edged devices. Thus, if speculations prove accurate, the flat versions of Samsung’s S-series, which were featured in the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S7, would be discontinued this year. With this in mind, numerous fans of the upcoming device have stated that there is a very slim chance the smartphone in Samsung’s recent AMOLED ad is the Galaxy S8.

While the mysterious device in Samsung’s AMOLED display advertisement might never be officially named by the tech giant, another set of leaks about the upcoming smartphone have recently emerged. These new leaks, coming from an anonymous case maker for Samsung, has provided renders for the upcoming flagship smartphone. Save for the non-edge screen, the case maker’s leaks are very similar to the device that was featured in Samsung’s recent AMOLED advertisement, including its high screen-to-body ratio and the absence of a physical Home button.

One thing that was noticeable from the case maker’s rendered images was the presence of stereo speakers on the alleged Galaxy S8, which was welcomed by numerous fans of the device. Apart from this, Phone Arena stated that the rendered devices also featured something that would no doubt be neglected by the iPhone 8, its main rival for 2017 – a classic headphone jack. This, together with a USB Type-C port at the bottom of the render, has managed to get numerous Samsung fans excited, especially since the South Korean tech giant appears to be ticking off all the boxes with regards to its upcoming flagship phone.

The leaked images from the Samsung case maker or the cryptic device in the tech giant’s AMOLED ads might not be the Galaxy S8 at all. The advertisement, in particular, could easily be Samsung’s small way of teasing fans about what its next generation of handsets would look like. So far, however, the design of the smartphone as allegedly revealed in the leaks and in the AMOLED advertisement has been largely welcomed by the South Korean tech giant’s fans. After all, if the leaks are anything to go by, it would seem like the Galaxy S8 would carry some of Samsung’s most radical design innovations in years, and that, of course, is always good news for consumers.

[Featured Image by Pixabay]