Val Kilmer Gets Crazy With A Chainsaw For New Terrence Malick Film

Val Kilmer joined the Black Lips onstage for a memorable set at the Fun Fun Fun Fest over the weekend, according to Vulture. While performing with the band, Kilmer wielded a chainsaw, cut off his hair with a pair of scissors, and smashed a guitar.

Unfortunately for those of you who love celebrity meltdowns, this was just a scene from director Terrence Malick’s new movie. Beyond Kilmer’s on stage shenanigans and a vague plot description, little else is known about the project.

In the clip embedded below, Val Kilmer begins chanting “Rock and roll is dead” into the microphone before noodling around the stage for a while. After disappearing for a few moments, the Ghost and the Darkness star returns with a walker.

Video of Val Kilmer’s fit with the chainsaw hasn’t made it onto the internet as of this writing. However, the Daily Mail has all sorts of pictures of the incident if you doubt such a thing actually took place.

Kilmer isn’t the only actor lending his talents to Terrence Malick’s next picture. Rooney Mara, who can be seen strumming a bass guitar in the clip, and Michael Fassbender are attached to the film as well. Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett are also part of the cast, though it’s unclear how all of their characters fit together in the story.

Over the past few years, Val Kilmer has been a very busy guy. While a few of his movies have played in theaters, the majority of the actor’s recent films have gone straight to home video. In 2012 alone Kilmer found himself starring in no less than eight different motion pictures.

The video of Val Kilmer’s surprise appearance on stage with the Black Lips at the Fun Fun Fun Fest lies below. A release date for Terrence Malick’s mysterious project has not yet been announced.

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