Katie Holmes Talks Portrayal Of Jackie Kennedy Vs. Natalie Portman’s And Continues To Fuel Foxx Love Rumors

Katie Holmes has been one busy star throughout much of 2016 and carries on with her various endeavors into 2017 as a novice, yet talented director and seasoned actress within the series Kennedys: After Camelot. The beautiful mommy and ex to Tom Cruise has not slowed down one bit since she first came on the scene as Joey, the awkward teen on the hit show Dawson’s Creek. Now, Katie has really come into her own as a respected and refined actress who clearly loves everything that goes into film and television production.

Recently, Katie spoke about her portrayal of Jackie O. and compared it to Natalie Portman’s portrayal in the acclaimed film Jackie. The Wrap notes the beauty’s words about Portman and her own portrayal of one of the most notable women of modern times.

“It’s a testament to how amazing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was, and how much she meant to our country,” Holmes said at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday. “We are infatuated with her. I think Natalie did an incredible job, and I’m glad that we both had the opportunity to interpret this character and bring her to life.”

The series in which Holmes stars in is based on the book, After Camelot by J. Randy Taraborrelli. The series is directed by Jon Cassar, yet Holmes is set to try her hand once again in the director’s seat for one of the episodes this season. The miniseries also stars Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy.

The former Friends star has certainly taken on a whole new and challenging role with the portrayal of Ted Kennedy and admits this when he spoke at the same event alongside Katie.

“I took this job because it scared me. I read the first four scripts and the portrayal scared me, there was a lot of emotion and tragedy to play. It’s by far the most challenging role I’ve ever played,” he said. “Some days I didn’t even want to look at it, I was just too scared of it.”

Portman is generating Oscar buzz for her role in Jackie, and as always, she dazzles on the big screen, while Katie has brought her own life and unique take on the character of Jackie Kennedy. It is always wonderful to see the same character being portrayed in a number of films and productions by various actors within the same season. Although both Portman and Holmes are respected stars and talented actresses in their own right, Natalie Portman rarely finds herself the subject of tabloid headlines and rumors as does Katie Holmes. Ms. Holmes has regularly found herself the subject of such headlines due to the apparent secretive romance she has been carrying on with actor and singer Jamie Foxx. The two have allegedly been romantically linked for a number of years now, but they have certainly done their part to keep the romance on the down low, and both have denied anything more than friendship with one another.

However, as the Inquisitr has recently reported, Katie and Jamie have spurred on more rumors of a real relationship due to being spotted together on New Year’s Eve in Miami. The Daily Mail notes the words of a source who spotted the couple enjoying a wonderful time ringing in 2017.

“…they were spotted well after midnight ‘holding hands while walking near the pool’ at the hotel and members-only club. ‘They’re very serious,’ they added. The insider insisted that Katie’s ex husband Tom Cruise – with whom she shared ten-year-old daughter Suri – is well aware of the relationship.”

The stars have dodged heated rumors for months now, and the rumor mill calmed for a little while leading up to the holidays, but it looks like there may actually be a real romance despite Jamie and Katie’s best efforts to keep the public from knowing.

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