UFL names TV broadcast team

When the UFL takes the field and their TV broadcast is aired on the Versus Cable Channel Veteran broadcaster Dave Simms will be the play by play man, with Quarter Back legend Doug Flutie providing the color commentary. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Kordell Stewart joins the team as a sideline reporter, with veteran reporter Anita Marks. This is an unusual team of broadcasters in that all of the players played the position of QB both professionally and semi-professionally. It is however a nice mix of people who took very different routes in their football playing career.

Dave Simms has been the long time voice of Sunday Night Football broadcasts on Westwood One. He is also the play by play voice of the Seattle Mariners. In his career he has won two Emmy’s for his sorts broadcasting and will be the anchor of the UFL broadcast team.

His right hand man will be Flutie, and if you don’t know who Doug Flutie is, you are not a fan of football. Flutie had remarkable runs at QB at each stop along his football career. He is probably best known for his Hail Mary pass while starting for Boston College. Flutie won a Heisman trophy and went out to a stellar career in the USFL, NFL, and CFL. In fact he is the only American born player to be inducted into the CFL hall of fame.

Kordell Stewart is a QB whose best playing days happened in College. While playing for the University of Colorado, he became famous for heaving a ball some 50 yards in the air, to beat the University of Michigan in the Big House. Stewart’s pro career became more known for his athletic ability than is gifts for being a QB. He did lead the Steelers to an AFC Conference title game his first year, but never obtained any great accolades playing in that league.

Anita Marks played QB for the Miami Fury, a Semi-professional women’s football league, and has hosted her own sports show in Baltimore, Maryland. She was also featured in 2002 edition of Playboy magazine in a spread titled the naked QB.