‘Battlefield 1942’ Turns 10, Becomes Free On Origin

It’s been a little over ten years now since Battlefield 1942 from developer DICE took PC gaming by storm, marking the first entry in what would become a hugely successful franchise for EA and DICE both.

To celebrate Battlefield 1942‘s 10th anniversary, EA has decided to make the iconic first-person shooter available for no charge over on its digital distribution service, Origin.

The offer will only be available for a limited time, although you still have plenty of time to grab it–EA says that the offer won’t expire until around March of next year.

There is somewhat of a catch, which may be more or less of one depending on your feelings towards Origin: in order to pick up Battlefield 1942 for free, you’ll need to have Origin–there’s no other way to get it for free, at least not legally. Even if you don’t particularly like Origin, it’s hard to argue against “free.”

If you’re more into modern Battlefield games, there’s plenty of ways for you to celebrate the series’ 10th birthday. Battlefield 3‘s Armored Kill expansion was released back in September, and this month will see the release of the fourth map pack, called Aftermath.

Following that there’s Battlefield 3‘s final expansion, End Game, which is expected to release around March of next year.

A full-on sequel is also in the works, although EA and DICE have been very tight-lipped on details, beyond the fact that there’s going to be a beta. More on Battlefield 4 likely won’t come out any sooner than next year’s E3.