'Logan-Wolverine 3' Synopsis Revealed, Lead Cast Hugh Jackman Tells All -- Movie Plot, Trailer More

It's official: Hugh Jackman revealed via Twitter the official Logan (aka Wolverine 3) movie synopsis. A fascinating graphic backed the write-up. It is exciting that Jackman is going out with a bang, and along with it, making the announcement himself makes it all that more appealing.

Essex Corp Involvement And Reavers' Vendetta

If you combine the above with the Logan synopsis on IMDb, you'll see the recent update just adds more information regarding the story.

"In the near future, an aging Wolverine and Professor X must protect a young female clone of Wolverine from an evil organization led by Nathanial Essex."

The Essex Corp was teased via a briefcase in the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, so it looks like the Bryan Singer- and James Mangold-directed movies tie into each other. Although Jackman had a brief appearance where he encountered the young Jean Grey, he ran off into the woods.

Of course, the Jackman-announced synopsis indicates Logan takes place in the "near future," so there may have been a time jump, which is telling of how long the Essex Corp has been around.

What is known about the Logan movie thus far is that in retrospect, if you take a look back, there were pictures teased of the main villain, Donald Pierce, who will be played by Boyd Holbrook. Pierce is in the comics and is an enemy of the mutants. He's also affiliated with the Reavers, who are a team of cyborgs devoted to taking out the X-Men. In the Logan trailer, it is expressed that the mutants are all gone.

Could Logan take place so far in the future that the Reavers are now on the hunt for Wolverine? The Marvel comics state that this group is gunning for him, so it may go that direction.

Where's X-23 In All This?

When Logan ran off in X-Men: Apocalypse, he was wearing gear pieces that were associated with the Weapon X program. Don't forget the suits who probably grabbed a vial of Wolverine's blood. This is in keeping with the comic storyline where he had also escaped.

Laura Kinney/X-23 is being played by Dafne Keen. If the Logan/Wolverine 3 movie stays true to the comics, could geneticist Sarah Kinney come into play here? After all, she was an unwilling participant in becoming a biological mother or possible host to X-23 at the hands of Zander Rice, according to io9, a character in the movie who will be portrayed by Richard E. Grant. In the Marvel comics, Rice was a protege to Martin Sutter, who was the head of the original Weapon X program and responsible for heading off the creation of X-23 via a cloning process through Logan's blood sample.

Is this the same sample acquired at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse? Not much is known about Keen's part, but she's been seen quite frequently on social media. Chances are her story on the big screen may be a mystery. During the Logan trailer, Professor X does mention how much alike X-23 is to Logan, and this may lead others to think this affirms the cloning process via the vial that was extracted after the X-Men and Wolverine's escape from Stryker's clutches.

Since Logan is caring for Professor Xavier on the Mexican border, there's probably a reason they are hiding out since he's one of the few mutants left.

The Logan-Wolverine 3 movie debuts on March 3 and was directed and written by James Mangold. There is a sizable crew of writers that participated in the screenplay's creation as well as the story behind it all, so this should bode pretty well for Wolverine fans this March.

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