January 11, 2017
San Diego Chargers To Become Los Angeles Chargers -- Or A New L.A. Team Name

How does the name "Los Angeles Chargers" sound to San Diego Chargers fans? Well, that Los Angeles Chargers team name could soon be a reality, according to the latest sports reports. Twitter is exploding with the news that the San Diego Chargers could be moving to Los Angeles, with the news breaking as soon as Thursday. While some Chargers fans are praying that instead of Los Angeles, the Chargers actually move to a city like Anaheim, others are writing and commenting online, wondering why the Chargers would make such a move.

As seen in the tweet above from ESPN, San Diego Chargers fans could be heartbroken to learn as early as Thursday that they are losing their beloved Chargers to Los Angeles -- a city that's about a two-hour drive away, depending on Los Angeles traffic. While the details were not final as of Wednesday evening, the San Diego Chargers intend to be the second team to head to Los Angeles in less than one year, which means Los Angeles would enjoy two NFL teams after going more than 20 years without having any NFL teams.

Meanwhile, folks on Twitter are having a field day with the news that the San Diego Chargers could soon become the Los Angeles Chargers -- or the Anaheim Chargers if at least one person on Twitter has his way. Other folks are wondering if the name would be the Los Angeles Chargers at all, or if the San Diego Chargers will decide to drop the "Chargers" name and pick up some other new team name along with the move to Los Angeles.

Reactions to the news has the #Chargers hashtag getting plenty of use on Twitter, along with people tweeting about how weird it would be for the San Diego Chargers to be called the Los Angeles Chargers. Select individuals are writing that the San Diego Chargers should adopt a new name along with the move to Los Angeles, such as the person who quipped that the San Diego Chargers should become the Los Angeles Pursuits, since the old San Diego Chargers would become the new Los Angeles Pursuits, seeking out a championship.

Thoughts about a new team name for the San Diego Chargers are being expressed on Twitter, along with the other comments posted below about the Chargers' move to Los Angeles. Others are joking about Los Angeles and whether or not it's better to have the Rams and the Chargers or no football teams at all in L.A.

"The Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego has a nice ring to it."

"All I need here in Los Angeles: Lakers, Dodgers, Rams, Galaxy - No other teams needed I'm good thanks."

"Wonder if they will become the Los Angeles Chargers or if they decide to rebrand."

"Two years ago Los Angeles had no NFL team. Starting tomorrow we might have two."

"What the Chargers perhaps don't realize is that Los Angeles already has a football team."

"The Chargers and Rams both move to Los Angeles? Why?"

"The year is 2025. Los Angeles has 2 baseball teams, 4 soccer teams, 10 football teams, 47 basketball teams, and the Kings."

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to ignore two whole professional football teams in Los Angeles."

As seen in the featured photo above, the former San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy could be seen on New Year's Day at the NFL football game wherein the Chargers went up against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 1, in San Diego.
With the Chargers' move to Los Angeles soon to be announced, sports folks are already pontificating about who might want to stay or leave the Chargers after they head to L.A.

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