Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, And The ‘Affair’ Of ‘The Crown’ Netflix Show

As one of the top television series featured on the Golden Globe Awards on January 8, The Crown is getting attention, but recent episodes have fans of the Netflix series wondering online if there is any truth in the story about Prince Philip cheating on Queen Elizabeth.

At the 2017 Golden Globes, The Crown was featured when an actress that plays Queen Elizabeth II, Claire Foy, thanked Her Majesty directly on the air when accepting their 2017 award for Best Actress in a television drama series.

About Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy described her as an “extraordinary” woman that has been at the center of the world’s attention for over 63 years. Claire Foy ended her praise of Queen Elizabeth by stating in a complimentary way that she felt that “the world could do with a few more women in the center of it.”

As graciously as Claire Foy may have given her thanks to her sovereign, Queen Elizabeth, the favor may not be returned. Despite recently being ill and having the opportunity to binge watch a TV series online, according to rumors by alleged insiders via Enstarz, Queen Elizabeth does not find she has time to watch the story based on her life called The Crown.

Middleton with Queen Elizabeth before Queen’s health problems [Image by Phil Noble – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

On the other hand, perhaps part of the reason that Queen Elizabeth does not have a comment about the Netflix series is because The Crown has slighted her about Prince Philip potentially having an affair. The Crown also tends to paint Prince Philip as being a bit brash and rude early in Queen Elizabeth’s life, according to Wall Street Journal.

Like all dramas based on real history, there is always some fiction woven into the script, and this means that The Crown has inaccuracies. As it appears, there is a lot of debate over the truth or fiction concerning the relationship mood between Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

Despite seeming to be above the likes of television by snubbing The Crown, Queen Elizabeth has often been friendly to the broadcasting world since her early days as a queen. Smithsonian reports that when Queen Elizabeth was going to be coronated in 1953, the BBC contacted her about broadcasting the event and also doing it live.

Queen Elizabeth graciously accepted the offer, but the courtiers refused. The courtiers are a legendary group of royal advisers that allegedly “tell the royal family what to do… and how to behave.”

When the BBC told the public that they had been turned down, they protested until Queen Elizabeth over-ruled the courtiers and her televised coronation became a defining moment in English history.

While Queen Elizabeth may have been pro-television in the past, she is remaining mum about The Crown, for now. In the meantime, this means fans will be scrambling online to figure out if various facets of The Crown are fictionalized or based on a true story about the real Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. [Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]

As far as her marriage to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth is currently 90-years-old, and her husband, Prince Philip, will be 96 in 2017. Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip before she officially became the queen, and the royal wedding took place on November 20, 1947.

As far as reliable insider sources about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s relationship history, the best observer was Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin and lifelong best friend, Margaret Elphinstone Rhodes. Sadly, Margaret died on November 26, 2016, and at that time some of her best comments about her best friend, Queen Elizabeth, were revealed, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Since Margaret Rhodes was so close with Queen Elizabeth throughout her life, she remembers the queen’s initial meeting and subsequent romance with the future Prince Philip. Above all else, Margaret Rhodes affirmed in the later days of her life that Queen Elizabeth has been enamored with Prince Philip since the beginning, and they have remained very much in love.

Despite the insight of insiders close to the crown, there have always been rumors about the royal family in tabloids. For example, common rumors about Prince Philip cheating on Queen Elizabeth have referenced actresses of the past such as Shirley MacLaine, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Jane Russell.

Another point of confusion about whether Prince Philip cheated on Queen Elizabeth is exacerbated by a biopic published in 2015. According to Daily Mail, instead of portraying Prince Philip as the poor royal from Greece and the discrimination he experienced in becoming Queen Elizabeth’s husband because of his cultural background, they focused on the unconfirmed rumors about Prince Philip’s flirtations.

Interestingly, the Netflix episodes of The Crown tend to portray Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith, in the same way as the tabloids and present him as a womanizer with no bedside manner.

In contrast, Time reflects on a cover story they did on Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth in 1957 and showed they were a charming couple 10 years into their marriage. In fact, by modern terms, Prince Philip came across as an early feminist and was known to do the dishes by hand or light the hot water tank.

Another untruth found in The Crown, according to People, is the idea that Queen Elizabeth was better off with “Porchie” instead of Prince Philip and/or that Elizabeth had the hots for Porchey. What is left out of this story is the fact that Queen Elizabeth was warned against marrying Prince Philip because of racist reasons related to the fact that it was World War II and he was from Greece.

While Queen Elizabeth might have been steered toward Porchey/Porchie AKA Lord Porchester as a marriage partner, Queen Elizabeth fought hard to be with her one true love, Prince Philip.

Regardless, Queen Elizabeth does hold back on occasion, and it was noted by ABC in 2012 that when she sided against the courtiers to have her coronation televised, she specifically requested that the cameras not film the moment she was actually anointed.

It is speculated that Queen Elizabeth requested this not be filmed because she takes the God-given role of the throne seriously from a spiritual perspective.

While Queen Elizabeth is known to hold back from the public at a few key moments, she also comes from a long line of fact-hiders. For example, after Queen Victoria died, her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, burned many of her mother’s diaries, according to Express.

In particular, it is thought by historians that most of the notes about Queen Victoria’s “friend” John Brown were destroyed because many outsiders thought they were having an affair, according to Queen Victoria’s Letters.

In the end, many feel that Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother could not have had an affair with John Brown because she had a prolapsed uterus after giving birth to over 9 children, according to NY Times.

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