‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Cancellation, Chabby Break-Up Rumored For 2017

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Chabby is in danger of breaking up. While we’ve only just begun 2017, it looks like the new spoilers for DOOL has a lot of fans worried about not only this star couple but where this will leave the future of the show.

According to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad and Abigail are heading toward a possible break-up. It’s said that while Abigail is hopeful about the future with Chad, she has doubts that they won’t be able to recapture the love that once existed between them. While there’s no question that she loves Chad, she wonders whether they will stand the test of time. This is because Chad refuses to let go of the past, which could be a serious roadblock for this couple. Although their last hangout was nice, it ended on a sour note, which didn’t help Abigail’s doubts.

Recent Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chabby isn’t safe, specifically because Chad isn’t ready to let go of his pain from the past. Obviously, Abigail is bothered by Chad’s reluctance to let go, and this point of contention may lead Abigail into the arms of another man. Who’s the other man, you may ask?

Spoilers suggest that it might be none other than Dario. As viewers might know, Dario and Abby have a bit of a rocky past. Before Chad knew Abigail was back, she ran into Dario, who she threatened if he didn’t keep quiet about her whereabouts. That said, Dario also helped Abby out when she was having a panic attack, and with his help, she pulled through. When she runs into him again, will she apologize to him?

Days of Our Lives spoilers insist that since Abigail is down about her future with Chad, and this will lead her to lean on Dario. To add insult to injury, Chad will find out that Abigail trusts Dario, and he will not be pleased with this development. That said, while Abby may be pulled into a possible romance with Dario, Chad will also be distracted when it comes to Gabi. It’s killing him not to contact Gabi, so he will send her a text, which might shake things up even more when it comes to his love life. Chad misses Gabi’s support, but does that mean there’s something more there? Some fans seem to think so.

With all of this turmoil resting on Chabby’s shoulders, will this couple survive everything they’ve been through plus more new drama? The jury is out on that one, and Days of Our Lives fans may have worse things to worry about like a possible cancellation.

In a recent Days of Our Lives spoilers post, the Inquisitr reported that there’s a chance Days of Our Lives might be canceled. As we know, soaps have been struggling for ratings for years, and the soaps that have survived are constantly trying to reinvent themselves to gain new viewers, but one big shift to daytime programming might be the final nail in the coffin for Days of Our Lives.

Megyn Kelly has left FOX for NBC, which is the network that Days of Our Lives airs on. Right now, Kelly is discussing a bunch of options for what she can bring to NBC. People Magazine reported that there’s a possibility Kelly will get her own daytime show on NBC. If she anchors her own show, NBC will be forced to make room in their schedule, which means they might toss out Days of Our Lives in favor for Megyn Kelly and her stellar ratings.

Another big indicator that this Days of Our Lives spoilers post might be on to something is that Days was moved up by an hour on the east coast, which means that the network is struggling to see which time slot would work for the show to keep fans on the dial. While nothing is confirmed, NBC might eliminate the problem and book Kelly’s show.

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