Kyle Richards Criticizes Lisa Rinna’s Low Blow, Praises Kim Richards’ Response To Arrest Mention

The latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode that aired on Tuesday night showed the return of Kim Richards. Unfortunately for Kyle Richards, who had all of the housewives and her sister at her house for what was supposed to be a fun game night, the reunion of Kim and Lisa Rinna brought up some old wounds. When Kim denied that she ever said anything about Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, during the group’s Amsterdam trip two years prior, Lisa, in retaliation, brought up Kim’s arrest. Not surprisingly, Kyle was horrified upon hearing Lisa bringing up Kim’s arrest in front of everyone.

In her Bravo blog recapping the latest episode, Kyle admitted that she naively thought that Kim and Lisa would be okay together at game night. Now, however, Kyle sees that the two women are like “oil and water” and probably should just not be around one another.

“Kim and Lisa Rinna start in again. I was thinking they were going to be okay at the beginning of the evening, but they are like oil and water and should probably just stay clear of one another. Easier said than done though.”

Kyle then made it clear that she finds Lisa to be at fault for the drama. Kyle said that Lisa mentioning Kim’s arrest was a very low blow that ended the evening for her. Kyle added that she felt bad for her sister and knew she must have been humiliated by Lisa mentioning her arrest in front of everyone, Kyle also gave her opinion that Kim handled it well and held her head up high instead of letting what Lisa said get the best of her.

“They went back and forth regarding their past issues, and then Rinna threw out ‘let’s talk about your arrest.’ That’s where the evening ended for me. It was a low blow. Very low. I felt bad for Kim and knew she must have been humiliated, but she handled it well. Because she is in such a good place, she was able to hold her head high and not let it get the best of her.”

On the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, with all of the women sitting around a table, Kim Richards, obviously still having negative feelings about Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna over what happened in previous seasons, abruptly gave her opinion that Eileen and Lisa encourage one another. Kim then said that Lisa makes excuses for her behavior and lashed out at her for “coming after [her].”

“I think that Lisa uses excuses, this Lisa, you use excuses all the time…you came after me all last year…You came after me all last year and the year before and you never really sincerely said you were sorry.”

Lisa countered that Kim never sincerely apologized to her for going after her husband. Kim denied ever going after Lisa’s husband.

“I never said anything about your husband. Let’s get the story straight. I never said one thing about your husband.”

A flashback scene was shown of the moment, in Season 5, when Kim, during a group dinner in an Amsterdam dinner, seemingly threatened to reveal a secret about Lisa’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin. During a tense argument, Kim suggested that they “talk about the husband.” When Lisa responded in shock, questioning whether Kim was really bringing Harry into the argument, Kim suggested that Lisa and Harry were hiding some scandalous behavior of his. It was at that moment when Lisa lunged at Kim and threw a wine glass down at the table towards her.

“Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out. What you don’t want out, for everybody to know! Everybody will know! Everybody will know!”

Back in Beverly Hills, Kim continued denied ever saying anything about Harry. Lisa suggested that they talk about Kim’s arrest, referencing her August 2015 arrest for shoplifting at a Target store.

“Well let’s talk about your arrest. Why don’t we do that? Let’s talk about your arrest then. If we’re gonna go there…”

Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna continued jabbing at one another.

“See, look at you…There she goes again. Does that make you happy? Does that make you feel good?” Kim questioned.

“Well does it make you feel good, to do what you’re doing?” Lisa countered.

“I feel really good about myself today Lisa. Do you?” Kim replied.

The other women, including Eileen, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle Richards, all voiced their displeasure with Lisa mentioning Kim’s arrest. They all made it clear that Lisa should not have brought up the subject. When Lisa pointed out that Kim was still denying saying anything about her husband, Kim provided a clarification.

“I didn’t. I said, ‘Do you want to talk about him.’ Such a good lady, aren’t you?”

As it turns out, Lisa does have some regret over what happened. She ended up apologizing to Kim for bringing up her arrest. In Lisa’s confessional interview, she admitted that she gave a low blow.

“The truth is, it was a low blow. Her low blow, I low-blowed back. My feeling was she was attacking me and instead of going high I went low.”

In her own blog post, Lisa pointed out that Kim began the drama by going after her and Eileen Davidson for no reason. Lisa also admitted that she’s not happy that she gave Kim a low blow in return.

“So, Kim starting in on Eileen and me after we had what I thought was a very nice conversation about her daughter Brooke and her upcoming grandchild was definitely a trigger for me…she set her sights on us and went off for no reason. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment after hearing what she had to say, I threw a low blow right back at her. I’m not happy about going there.”

Will viewers actually see Lisa and Kim in a better place with one another? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa said in a recent interview that viewers will see an unexpected evolution in her relationship with Kim as the season progresses.

Before it gets better, it may get worse, though. A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode shows that Kim Richards will continue to be a hot topic and that Lisa Rinna may get in very big trouble with Kyle Richards. In one scene, Lisa tells Eden Sassoon that Kim’s “probably mostly sober right now” and that Kyle is Kim’s “enabler.” Lisa also gives her opinion that Kim’s “close to dying.”

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