Dallas Cowboys: 5 Keys To Defeating The Green Bay Packers

The Dallas Cowboys are widely considered to be the best team in the NFL heading into their NFC Divisional Playoffs matchup against the Green Bay Packers. It is a game that many believe the Cowboys should be able to handle fairly easily. That being said, the Cowboys cannot let themselves think like that.

It has been an impressive season for the Cowboys to say the very least. After losing Tony Romo, Dak Prescott stepped up and immediately became the future at the quarterback position. Ezekiel Elliott has also put his name into the MVP consideration with an impressive rookie season himself.

Looking ahead to this week’s game, the Cowboys are in for a dogfight. Green Bay is heading down with one goal in mind, which is to humble Dallas and get revenge for the regular season beatdown that the Cowboys gave them.

If you’re a fan of good football, this is a game that you won’t want to miss. Green Bay is playing the best football that they have played all year, while the Cowboys have been the best team in the league all season. That has set the stage for an instant classic if the two teams play up to their potential.

What five keys must the Dallas Cowboys focus on this week in order to defeat the Green Bay Packers and advance to the NFC Championship Game?

Put Pressure on Aaron Rodgers

Dallas will have to find a way to slow Aaron Rodgers down this week. Putting pressure on him is the only way to make that happen. Jason Garrett and the Cowboys’ coaching staff has to find a way to get to Rodgers and force him to make quick and potentially costly decisions.

Establish the Ground Game with Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is arguably the best running back in the NFL and needs to be established right off the bat. Dak Prescott is a rookie quarterback who hasn’t played under the kind of pressure that he will face this week, which makes the running game even more important. Elliott needs to have a big game this week.

Dak Prescott Must Take Care of the Football

Turnovers aren’t something that the Cowboys can afford this week. Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers will be throwing a lot of blitzes at Prescott, but he must take care of the football. This will be the most difficult game of his career, but he must come ready with a clear head.

Force at Least Two Turnovers

Dallas has been very happy with the way their defense has played this season, and they need it to step up again this week. Forcing at least two turnovers against the Packers is exactly what the Cowboys need to do. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw many interceptions, but the Cowboys need to find a way to take him out of his game or force fumbles to come up with the turnovers.

Take Advantage of the Deep Pass

After watching the Packers’ win over the Giants, one weakness stuck out about their defense. New York was able to throw long ball after long ball on them with a high success rate. Prescott has a decent arm, and the Cowboys need to take advantage of the deep pass, especially to star wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Expect to see these two teams battle all game long. The Cowboys may have made things look easy in their 30-16 regular season win over the Packers, but this game won’t be that easy. Dallas has to make sure they focus on these five areas in order to pull off the big win.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys will defeat the Green Bay Packers? What are your final score predictions for the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Ron Jenkins/AP Images]