Kim Kardashian Long-Time Paris Limo Driver Among 17 Arrested In Connection With $10 Million Jewelry Robbery

On October 3, Kim Kardashian became the victim of a horrific armed robbery in Paris, an incident that resulted in the theft of an estimated $10 million in jewelry. On January 9, arrests were finally made in the case. As Us Weekly reports, 17 suspects have been arrested in connection with the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist, and now it is being reported that one of the suspects caught in the sweeping French dragnet was Kim’s long-time Paris limo driver, as well as his younger brother.

Yahoo News confirms that the limo driver, 40-year-old Michael Madar, has been taken into custody in connection with the robbery, along with his younger brother, 27-year-old Gary. Both were reportedly employed by the same limo company, and Michael Madar had reportedly regularly driven for Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian-Jenner family when they visited Paris. In fact, the 40-year-old limo driver had reportedly been the last person to chauffeur Kim Kardashian around Paris on October 3, not long before she was attacked and robbed.

Now, Paris police are reportedly investigating whether the robbery of Kim Kardashian could have been an inside job, with her limo driver possibly passing critical information along to the jewelry thieves.

After being driven around by her Paris limo driver on the day of the heist, Kim Kardashian was reportedly assaulted in her private Paris residence. The 36-year-old reality TV star was bound and gagged by five armed robbers. After being incapacitated, Kardashian was robbed to the tune of $10 million in jewels, then left tied up as the brazen thieves made a hasty retreat.

According to reports, Paris police believe that they have arrested the five masked robbers that attacked Kim Kardashian in her Paris lodgings on October 3. Investigators claim that they were able to tie at least one of the suspects to the robbery of Kim Kardashian through DNA found on the duct tape used to bind her during the robbery.

This week’s arrests in the Kim Kardashian robbery case are an apparent testament to the investigative prowess of the Paris Police Department and have illustrated a truly diverse group of alleged co-conspirators that are accused of working in tangent to bring about the almost unbelievable crime against one of the world’s most recognizable starlets. Police say that of the 17 arrests made in the case, three of the Kardashian robbery suspects are women and one is even an elderly (72-year-old) man. Police think that that man, identified in the French media as “Pierre B.,” may have been the one to orchestrate the jewelry heist or at least one of the masterminds of the conspiracy.

It also appears that the Kim Kardashian jewelry robbery was an international affair, with at least two of the arrested suspects having been spotted in Antwerp, Belgium sometime after the October 3 crime. Investigators believe that the stolen Kardashian jewelry, possibly including a nearly-new diamond ring gifted to the victim by her hubby Kanye West, may have been taken to Antwerp to be sold off.

The 17 alleged jewelry thieves and conspirators can be held by police for up to 96 hours before being charged with the crime; if they are not officially charged by that time, they must be released. Sources claim that the Kim Kardashian jewelry robbery suspects were under surveillance for months prior to the sweeping arrests in the case, but that at least some of the alleged robbers’ residences are still being searched by investigators for additional evidence.

Since the news broke that arrests had finally been made in the Paris robbery case that has reportedly left Kardashian traumatized, her attorney, Jean Veil, spoke out on behalf of the reality TV star.

“[She is] very happy, very satisfied and to a certain extent reassured by the efficiency of the French police.”

He did not comment on the arrest of Kim Kardashian’s limo driver or the possibility that the widely-publicized crime could have been a well-orchestrated inside job.

Just days prior to the arrest of the 17 robbery suspects, Kim Kardashian spoke out publicly about the horror she endured on October 3 for the first time.

“They’re going to shoot me in the back. There’s no way out. It makes me so upset to think about it.”

At this point, there is no word regarding official charges for the suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery case.

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