Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth To Increase With New Dog Rescue Center In Los Angeles?

Lisa Vanderpump has been very vocal about her work with dogs in Los Angeles, and after learning about a dog festival in China called the Yulin Festival, Vanderpump has dedicated her life to shutting down this festival. It’s no secret that Vanderpump loves dogs, and she would adopt every dog at a shelter if she had the space to have them all. But rather than adopt them all at her home, she’s now thinking about how else she can help the dogs in Los Angeles that need a home. And while people are asking her for money, she revealed what her plans are with a shelter in Los Angeles.

According to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpump revealed that while she appreciates people’s desire to get involved with her own dreams and goals to help dogs around the world, she does not have the money to pay everyone on an individual basis. Lisa has received several tweets from people asking for funding, as they want to help with her vision in their local towns. But Vanderpump has other plans with her money.

“Pls answer me am very poor, but lk 2 do something about ur great cuz for VPPets. How can I help?” one person wrote to Lisa Vanderpump, who replied with, “Well I am opening rescue center soon in LA…”

It’s admirable that Lisa Vanderpump is opening up her own rescue center in Los Angeles for dogs who need a home. Of course, a rescue center in Los Angeles would allow her to be very involved, as she’s living in Beverly Hills and already has three restaurants in Hollywood. Plus, Lisa has been filming a documentary about the Yulin festival and her work to change the laws. But it sounds like Vanderpump can’t escape the constant inquiries about her funding various projects.

“Any in Chicago…where I live? Am sure there’s something I can do from here. I loveeeee fur kids! Tks for what u do! am hoping to mk sales Frm my memoir so I can live better and Hv a big backyard so I can I adopt a few more…I want to b a part of it. Help sell my memoir Abandoned in a Hammock and a portion will go to what ever u diced,” a person wrote to Lisa, while another person wrote, “He will consider funding me. Pls let me know if your interested. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

It sounds like people are trying to possibly get money or funding out of Vanderpump as her net worth is rumored to be around $65 million. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but Lisa would probably rather invest her own money in her own projects and open something in Los Angeles that she can manage herself. And in Los Angeles, she has employees and her husband Ken Todd to help her out. Plus, Vanderpump may have a plan to increase her overall net worth by doing something great for the dogs in Los Angeles.

“I am trying to start my own…!” Lisa Vanderpump revealed on Twitter, hinting that she won’t be funding anything for her followers because her hands are full already, and her money is already being invested in her own ventures to open a dog rescue center.

“I had to slow down a bit cuz it is painful to see so much hurt. But Lisa if you start one, I’ll b there to help,” one person wrote to Lisa Vanderpump after learning that she is opening a rescue center, while another added, “you guys are amazing! So glad to hear Lisa.”

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump opening up her own dog rescue center in Los Angeles? Are you surprised that people are asking her for money and asking her to fund various ideas?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail]