Lucy Mecklenburgh Poses Nude To Promote Clothing Line

Lucy Mecklenburgh posed nude in a steamy but colorful shoot to promote the Ellesse clothing line.

Mecklenburgh teamed up with the sports clothing brand to help out in the launch of their Recycled collection. Fortunately, the Only Way Is Essex star decided to go all out by posing nude rather than just going with a simple pose. The star opted to take off every piece of clothing and pose in her birthday suit to make it more interesting.

Nude Mecklenburgh covered in body paint

A photo from the shoot reveals Lucy covered in colorful body paint while seated. Her hands and legs were cleverly positioned to hide certain parts of her body despite being nude. Regardless, the photos painted quite the image because they gave a glimpse at the TOWIE star’s curves. It is also worth noting that she was in very good shape at the time of the shoot. The photos showed off her tight, toned body, including a flat tummy and some serious legs. It is no secret that it takes a lot of gym hours to keep her body in such good shape.

“The TV beauty looks hotter than ever as she shows off the results of her grueling gym routine,” DailyStarpointed out.

A different photo from the same shoot features the Essex beauty still nude but with her arms and legs crossed, once again covering parts of her naked body. A nude shoot is quite a charged-up way to kick off her busy career after having quite a busy year in 2016. She also had her fair share of downsides, such as breaking up with former boyfriend, Louis Smith. The two dated for 14 months before they decided to call it quits on account of their desire for different things. Lucy has, however, gotten herself a new man.

Lucy Mecklenburgh poses nude to sell her range of clothes

Not the best of years for Lucy’s ex-boyfriend

Smith also had a whirlwind of a year in 2016 following the numerous controversies that plagued him. The Olympian was affected by Islamophobia and was also accused of refusing to shake hands with rival Max Whitlock. This was after Whitlock defeated Louis during the pommel horse finals in Rio.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been flaunting her sexy gym-honed body. Other than the incredibly sexy and body painted nudes from the shoot, the 25-year-old has also been busy posting photos oozing with sexiness on social media. The TOWIE star keeps her fans entertained by showing off her incredibly sexy body, especially while clad in skimpy bikinis. She also likes taking photos after her gym sessions.

The Essex beauty has been dating Nathan Sharpe, but they have been trying to keep their relationship low profile. However, the reality star was recently spotted outside her boutique in Essex with her new man. The couple was dressed to brace the cold weather with heavy jackets. Photo taken at the time revealed Nathan facing away from the camera, but it did give a glimpse of his neck tattoo. Fortunately, a different photo gave a nice view of the hunk. He also happened to be carrying a hand drill.

Lucy Mecklenburgh poses nude to sell her range of clothes

Sharpe was clad in a black cap, a black jacked, and a pair of dark blue jeans. Another photo also showcased Nathan’s tattoos, but he did look as if he was about to beat someone up. Fortunately, he has a very beautiful girlfriend to help cool him down. The two got into Nathan’s vehicle and drove off after they finished the work they were doing on Mecklenburgh’s store.

“It was strange because I hadn’t seen him in so long, but we actually had a really lovely, adult conversation,” she stated about Falcone.

It’s nice to see that Lucy has a business of her own and is focused on working hard despite also being in showbiz. To add to that, Lucy does not mind going nude to promote a clothing line as evidenced by the recent photos for Ellesse.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Short/AP Images]