‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: New Teaser, Aaron Paul Talks Jesse Pinkman ‘Breaking Bad’ Crossover

Better Call Saul Season 3 is returning to AMC in Spring. However, it is yet to receive an official air date. In the new short teaser, Jimmy ends up getting booked, and it looks like he is going to jail. Aaron Paul also talks about his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman returning in Better Call Saul but more on that later.

In Season 2 of Better Call Saul, Slippin’ Jimmy may have made a decision he will live to regret as many fans speculate that his brother Chuck is responsible for getting him in jail. In order to help Kim Wexler, Jimmy doctored the Mesa Verde documents so that she can get the client she worked hard to get. However, Jimmy doctoring the files ended up being a professional embarrassment to Chuck, who questioned his own sanity and ended up having a mental breakdown when he was investigating whether Jimmy had something to do with it.

To help Chuck feel better and prove his sanity, Jimmy confessed to doctoring the Mesa Verde files. Chuck had his suspicions and exaggerated his breakdown and recorded his conversation with Jimmy knowing his brother will eventually fess up.

Many fans theorize that Chuck will get Jimmy disbarred and this will lead to his transition into Saul that we know in Breaking Bad. The showrunners are not giving much away as to whether we will see the transition to Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul Season 3.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill, has stated that the transition to Saul may occur via a big moment rather than a slow unraveling of his innocence. However, this is yet to be determined as the series progresses.

Better Call Saul has enjoyed the same commercial and critical success as it predecessor Breaking Bad. This has led to intrigue about potential crossovers, and the biggest one yet is the return of ruthless drug lord Gus Fring, who has already made an off-screen appearance when he warned Mike against assassinating Hector Salamanca by leaving a note in his car in true Gus Fring fashion.

Another potential crossover is Jesse Pinkman, and Aaron Paul is excited about his character’s potential. If you remember in Season 1 of Breaking Bad, Jesse is already in the drug business while Walter White was still an underachieving teacher.

Aaron Paul spoke to Esquire about his character’s potential return.

“I was actually just with all of them [the Breaking Bad gang] at the AFI luncheon yesterday. And I did ask that question–when am I gonna come to Albuquerque for my wardrobe fitting? But I don’t know! It’s still up in the air.”

He also revealed to the publication that he is a fan of Better Call Saul and made some revelations about some of the characters of the series.

“It’s so exciting, especially as someone that really lived within the show and felt like it really happened to me. It’s nice to just get more of a backstory from these characters. Max [Maximino Arciniega, who plays Krazy-8] is one of my dearest friends, and Vince let me know that he was making a cameo. He was supposed to die in the pilot, but we all just loved him so much that they brought him back to life.”

Bryan Cranston has also revealed that he is open to a crossover appearance in Better Call Saul and has even visited the set in Albuquerque.

A fan of the series discovered that the first letter of each episode in Season 2 teased Gus Fring’s return. Therefore, if there are any crossovers, we can expect the showrunners to be tight-lipped about it.

Who are your favorite characters from Breaking Bad that you would like to see in Better Call Saul Season 3?

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