WWE News: New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski Talks WWE Rumors

There has been some WWE rumors that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski might appear at WrestleMania this year. However, it sounds like those WWE rumors were blown out of proportion by an innocent statement by Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski is currently on injured reserve and is stuck watching his Patriots as they try to make it back to the Super Bowl without him. When asked by Sports Illustrated about appearing at WrestleMania, Rob said that there were no plans for the appearance.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard that. That would be pretty cool, so I don’t know.”

WWE News: New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski Talks WWE Rumors

While Rob Gronkowski said this was the first time he had heard about the WWE rumors, he was the one who started the rumors to begin with by making a pretty innocent statement. Rob is close friends with Mojo Rawley and Gronkowski made a comment about his friend last May while hinting at his own desires in an interview with Draft Kings.

“I can definitely see something in the future. Hopefully, Mojo Rawley starts wrestling a lot and starts doing what he has to do and makes it to Monday Night Raw, if my boy is there, I’m there for an appearance.”

Mojo Rawley didn’t make it to Monday Night Raw but he was drafted by SmackDown Live when the WWE brand split draft happened. With Mojo in the big leagues now, Rob Gronkowski seems to have hope that he can take part in something in the WWE someday.

This year’s WrestleMania already has a big-name professional athlete in former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, who is competing in a match against The Big Show. There are also WWE rumors that the company wants to bring in Ronda Rousey for a possible match as well.

Shaquille O’Neal actually started to work on promoting his upcoming match with Big Show this week. The big NBA legend sent out an Instagram message that said he was starting to train for the match. He added the line “I’m coming for you BIG SHOW’ to the photo.

WWE News: New England Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski Talks WWE Rumors

With Shaquille O’Neal there, the WWE has little reason to really push to bring in Rob Gronkowski. As a matter of fact, if they have not called him by now, there is little chance that he has a role at WrestleMania. Of course, even if Gronkowski just shows up to support Mojo Rawley in a match, it would bring in a number of new viewers to see the Patriots star at the event.

Of course, when Rob Gronkowski said that he wanted to be part of the WWE after his NFL career ended, he also added that it would be nothing more than a part-time deal. Gronkowski has a huge number of ventures he has taken on, including television appearances, a new fitness program, and more.


For now, Rob Gronkowski is more interested in watching the New England Patriots as they fight for the Super Bowl, saying that he misses his teammates and supports them every week. At the age of 27, Rob has a few more years ahead of him in the NFL as long as he avoids more injuries.

The injuries are probably the biggest reason that a WWE appearance at WrestleMania is out of the question for Rob Gronkowski. Rob underwent back surgery in December, which ended his season, and his contract likely prohibits Gronkowski from doing anything that could further injure his body.

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