Duggar Family Shares Photos Of 20th Child, Tyler, While Asking For More Privacy

The Duggar family recently welcomed the 20th child into their home. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were awarded guardianship of an 8-year-old boy named Tyler. The child is an extended family member of Michelle Duggar and has been living with the family since at least August, but was not placed in permanent guardianship until November 21, 2016. Despite having formally added Tyler to their family, the Duggars have only mentioned Tyler on a few occasions. The Duggar Family Blog mentioned the child, noting that the Duggars were requesting privacy on the matter despite having just posted public photos of Tyler on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page.

The Duggar family often rotates through posting individual photos of their children. However, before the new year, their newest addition to the family, Tyler, had only been featured in group photographs. The family seems to be adding Tyler to the individual photograph rotation, as a photo of the boy drinking milk from a milk jug was posted to the family’s official page on January 4, 2017.

The photo revealed that Tyler was getting ready to “finish off” the jug. The post left many fans asking questions about Tyler, but the family did not respond. Instead, the Duggar Family Blog would speak for the family by noting that the Duggars wished for privacy surrounding the child at this time.

“At this time, the Duggars are choosing not to reveal the details of the situation that resulted in them receiving guardianship of Tyler. We encourage fans to respect the Duggars’ wishes, especially since there is a minor involved. But when and if the family decides to share more information with the public, we will post it to our blog.”

Though the Duggars haven’t openly discussed the guardianship proceedings, the records are public and have been covered by numerous media outlets. As the Inquisitrpreviously reported, Tyler is the son of Michelle’s niece, who was no longer able to care for the child after being incarcerated and becoming homeless.

The guardianship began after Tyler’s mother turned guardianship over to Michelle’s sister, Carolyn. However, Carolyn suffered a stroke and was no longer able to care for the child. As a result, Michelle offered to take in Tyler under her care. Tyler would remain with the Duggars until an emergency guardianship order was approved in August, 2016. The court documents can be read below.

The permanent guardianship was granted after a judge found it was in the best interest of the child to remain in the Duggar family’s care. Since the guardianship was granted, Tyler has been seen in numerous family photos with the younger children. From participating in homeschooling with the other Duggars, to getting his own pocket knife to match Duggar grandson Micheal, Tyler seems to be enjoying his time with the Duggar family.

It is unclear if the Duggars plan to formally adopt Tyler, but for now, they are remaining mum on the issue. Though Michelle and Jim Bob aren’t talking, a “family insider” told In Touch Weekly that the family has high hopes of adopting the child in the near future.

“There’s a strong hope that once [permanent guardianship] happens they will be able to adopt him.”

Meanwhile, the Duggar family is gearing up for another season of Counting On that will feature Jinger Duggar’s wedding preparations, Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy, Joy Anna’s courtship, and likely Jill Dillard’s recently announced pregnancy.

Do you think the Duggars will attempt to formally adopt Tyler? Do you think the child will be featured on the TLC series or kept away from the spotlight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Facebook/Duggar Family Official]