‘American Horror Story’ Star Denis O’Hare Talks Season 7 And The Future Of The Franchise

American Horror Story Season 7 remains a mystery at this point, but veteran star Denis O’Hare had a few things to say about it which was quite unique for the beloved TV and movie star. Fans of American Horror Story are really chomping at the bit about what Season 7 is going to be about and to see if it will offer any redeeming value to the lackluster Season 6 installment, Roanoke.

Like most of the stars that have been with American Horror Story since the beginning, Denis O’Hare has confidence that not only will he be back for Season 7 of the hit FX horror anthology show, but he will have a crucial role in the show like he has had in most seasons to date.

Unlike actors Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare is one of the original American Horror Story alums that skipped one season, Season 2 (Asylum), but returned and has been with the show ever since. His capacities have sometimes been a bit limited, but he has had a major presence on the show in every season that he has been featured on American Horror Story.

Many of Denis O’Hare’s roles have been as a subservient character in some capacity to Jessica Lange, which includes Seasons One, Three and Four. But after Lange left American Horror Story, his characters have been strong and enigmatic, to say the least.

In Season 6 of American Horror Story, O’Hare played a much smaller role on the show as a man who had been studying the Roanoke house, but it turned out that his character was only an actor for the first half of the season and he was only seen a handful of times, mostly on videotape.

Now that Denis O’Hare has sat down for an interview with New York Post, the actor opened up about what fans may be able to expect going into Season 7 of American Horror Story, which included whether or not he will be returning to the FX horror anthology show.

“Well, [AHS creator] Mr. [Ryan] Murphy is so enigmatic, so I don’t know. I have faith I’ll be back. I love working with him,” Denis O’Hare told New York Post about Season 7 of American Horror Story. “The writers and I get along very well. But I never knew who Liz Taylor [the character he played on American Horror Story: Hotel] was going to be until a few episodes in.”

There are many different directions that Ryan Murphy could take for Season 7 of American Horror Story, but Denis O’Hare is a bit skeptic as to what he might go with. But in regards to what his favorite season of AHS might be, his answer was a bit cryptic as well.

“It’s hard for me to say. Obviously [American Horror Story] Hotel was a really exciting storyline. I got to be naked with Finn Wittrock; what’s wrong with that? I love Spalding of Coven because of his crazy life in the attic.”

When Denis O’Hare was interviewed, it was actually for his role in the new hit TV show, This Is Us. In the show, he got to team back up with another American Horror Story, alum, Chrissy Metz, who was featured in the Season 4 installment, Freak Show.

“I love the show (This Is Us). I love Sterling (Brown). And I watched it because Chrissy Metz was in American Horror Story: Freak Show,” Denis O’Hare told New York Post. “I love what they’re doing structurally. It’s refreshing in the age of cynicism to have a show about sentiment and people’s hunger for meaning.”

The theme for Season 7 of American Horror Story is expected to be announced on March 26, the last day of PaleyFest.

[Featured Image via FX]