‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 75-77 Leaks Tease Bulla’s Birth, A Stoned Goku, Frieza, Cell, Evil Buu Cameos, And More

If there was anything that the last few episodes of Dragon Ball Super proved, it was the fact that its filler episodes could still be extremely entertaining. Over the last month, the anime has aired its best fillers to date, which included scenes of high-stakes battles, crossovers and nods to classic Dragon Ball moments. With the Universe Survival Arc set to begin on February 5, the next couple of weeks are set to feature the last few fillers of the anime, and if the summaries for Episodes 75-77 are any indication, it would seem that the upcoming episodes would be extremely compelling.

Popular Dragon Ball Super source @Herms98 has released the official summaries of DBS Episodes 75-77, translated from Japanese publication Newtype magazine. While the teasers were very brief, they did contain significant clues about what would be happening in the anime within the next few weeks. So far, longtime fans of the franchise have received the information very well, with avid DB aficionados lauding Toei Animation for effectively generating hype for Dragon Ball Super‘s next few episodes.

The summary provided for Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 was very brief. According to the short teaser, Son Goku would be looking for a training partner in order to prepare for the upcoming Universe Survival Arc. Unfortunately for the powerful Saiyan, no one would be available to humor him. His wife, Chi Chi, would be calling her firstborn son, Gohan, to train with his father. With Gohan being the way he is, however, he would be fighting his dad in his Great Saiyaman outfit.

A number of slice of life episodes are set to be featured in 'Dragon Ball Super' before the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc.
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While Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 would most likely not contain any plot-changing moments, the premise of Goku fighting his son as a form of training is something that fans of the long-running franchise approve of. After all, training with Goku might finally be the tipping point for Gohan to go back to being a martial artist once more. Gohan’s return to fighting form has already been teased over the last few weeks, and the character’s buildup might finally reach a turning point with DBS Episode 75.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 76 has managed to get numerous fans of the franchise extremely hyped as well. The premise for Episode 76 is quite unique, featuring Goku and Krillin going back to the Turtle Hermit (Master Roshi) for some old-school training. True to form, however, Roshi asks his old students to gather some “Paradise Grass” from a nearby forest. Unfortunately for the two fighters, the task ends up being rather complicated.

“Krillin is picked next as the bored Goku’s training partner. He suggests they train together under the Turtle Hermit like the old times. As a part of their training, the Turtle Hermit orders them to go get the ‘Paradise Grass’ herb from a forest. In the forest, they find Frieza, Majin Buu, Cell, and other old foes Goku and co. have fought.”

With Episode 76’s summary in mind, and considering the fact that most of Goku’s old foes would conveniently be appearing in a forest, avid fans of Dragon Ball Super have humorously noted that Goku and Krillin would most likely get high as a result of the Paradise Grass. The references to plants being used to induce hallucinations are very notable in DBS Episode 76’s summary. Thus, while undoubtedly a filler episode, the premise of Goku and Krillin getting blazed and possibly fighting trees and forest animals is something that numerous fans are looking forward to.

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Perhaps the most notable among the leaked summaries, however, was for Dragon Ball Super Episode 77, which is set to air on February 5. This particular episode is quite interesting since it would officially be the beginning of the Universe Survival Arc. Nevertheless, the episode’s summary suggests that some slice of life events are set to happen before Universe 7’s fighters go off to battle with the strongest in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

“When Goku goes to Bulma’s house to train with Whis, he finds her belly has gotten big, and he learns she is pregnant with her second child. What’s more, she’ll be giving birth soon, and Vegeta is so nervous he can’t calm down.”

The premise of Bulma getting pregnant with her and Vegeta’s second child has no less than taken the Dragon Ball Super community by storm. Over the last few weeks, numerous fans have noted that Bulla, Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter are yet to make an appearance in the anime. As it turned out, the popular character, who is a splitting image of her mother in her youth, is indeed set to make an appearance in the anime. Apart from this, fans have fondly noted that Vegeta’s reactions to his wife’s pregnancy would most likely be very humorous, considering how awkward Prince of the Saiyans was with his daughter in the non-canonical Dragon Ball GT series.

With the Universe Survival Arc, Dragon Ball Super is set to enter its most epic saga yet. Thus, DBS Episode 75-77 would be easing viewers in towards yet another intense story. A story which, if the premise is anything to be considered, would probably rival or even exceed the best arcs of Dragon Ball Z and the original 1980’s Dragon Ball anime.

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