Can You Watch The 2017 Golden Globes Live Online? It’s Easier This Year To Find Streaming Video Of The Award Show

If you want to watch the 2017 Golden Globes live online, you might find it a lot easier than in years past.

Unlike many other live events including pretty much every major sporting event, the Golden Globes had largely resisted the trend of offering online video of its annual show. Interest has always been high in the award show, which kicks off the early year award season by giving honors to the best in television and movies, but those unable to make it to a television were pretty much out of luck before this year.

There was plenty of confusion in past years for viewers trying to watch the Golden Globes live online. In 2014, directed viewers to a site called Zeebox to watch the Golden Globes online, but viewers there found it nearly impossible to find the live-streaming video. Other outlets including the International Business Times reported that the Golden Globes website would be carrying online video of the awards show, but there was nothing to be found by the time the show started.

It appears much easier to watch the Golden Globes live online this year. The show — which starts on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC — will be available on the network’s website (a link can be found below) and there are other options for live-streaming coverage of the red carpet as well.

In short, the Golden Globes have caught up with the times.

Interest could be particularly high in the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. This will be the first major Hollywood event since the election of Donald Trump, and many celebrities are vocally opposed to the President-elect. As NBC News reported, Trump’s election seems to have many on edge.

“Though usually a boisterous, boozy affair, the coming inauguration of Donald Trump is looming over this year’s Globes, which take place 12 days before the president-elect is to be sworn in. Throughout the usual self-congratulatory toasting of Hollywood’s awards season, many stars and filmmakers have evoked a foreboding sense of dread over a Trump presidency. Fallon, the popular Tonight Show host, isn’t known for his political humor, but he has promised a steady diet of Trump jokes.”

The Golden Globe Awards are also seen as a prelude to the Academy Awards, and many of the movies receiving hardware on Sunday night will be Oscar favorites in just a few weeks. The nominees are led by La La Land, which has seven nominations and is seen as a lock for the best picture for a musical or comedy.

The drama Manchester by the Sea could bring home a number of awards as well, but won’t have to face head-to-head with La La Land as there are separate categories for the Golden Globes. When the Academy Awards roll around, they’ll be in competition.

There could also be some emotional moments, especially when it comes to memorials. The year 2016 saw the loss of many beloved actors, including Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, in the closing days of the year.

Those who want to watch the 2017 Golden Globes live online can find streaming video on Viewers will need a cable subscription to watch the video, but first-time users get a free 45-minute trial before they’re locked out. Live-streaming video of the Golden Globes red carpet can be found on the award show’s official Twitter account starting at 6 p.m. ET.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]