‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Pulls A Gun On Trespassers At Moore Manor, Was One Of Them Her ‘Dangerous’ Ex BF Matt Jordan?

Kenya Moore isn’t messing around. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star pulled a gun on three intruders last week after they tried gaining access to her property. Was one of the invaders her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan?

NY Daily News reported that two men and one woman comprised the unwelcome party. It isn’t known why the group decided to break into Moore’s lavish estate, though she didn’t hesitate to confront them with a loaded weapon.

“If you come over here, you are going to get a motherf**king cap in your a**… I will shoot and I will ask questions later,” Moore said in a video after the incident. “These are home invasions, robberies, rapists… What if your children or loved ones were threatened in this way?”

The reality star shared security camera footage of the intruders over the weekend. Moore has put a reward for any information that helps police track down the suspects and shared details of the break-in with fans on social media.

“Anyone who is bold enough to commit a crime, endanger themselves and others needs to be punished. Please help me identify these people. $1,000 reward,” she shared. “They climbed over a wall in order to circumvent my security gates and wall being bricked. They were driving a white car. The female was recording on her phone the entire time. Men showing up at your door is an immediate threat. Things could have ended badly and all 3 will be criminally prosecuted.”

Matt Jordan and Kenya Moore [Image by Bravo]

People stated that Moore also opened up about the robbery during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The RHOA star backed up her actions that night and revealed that the suspects fled the scene once they spotted the gun.

“I have a right to feel safe in my home and to protect myself,” she explained. “I don’t care if I’m on TV. What if 3 strangers banged on your front door …2 of them being grown men wearing dark clothing knowing they could only get to you by jumping fences or trespassing onto other properties and mine?”

Kenya Moore went on to reveal that she owns four firearms and has a proper license to use them all. In fact, the reality star has experience using guns and keeps up with her firearm training.

“I go to the gun range and I shoot really tight clusters,” she admitted.

With the identity of the intruders still unknown, there’s no telling if Jordan played a part in the invasion. Even still, TMZ revealed that Jordan has a history of run-ins with the police, including four arrests in 2016.

Jordan was first arrested in March after a routine traffic stop uncovered an outstanding warrant. Police apprehended him twice in June for driving with a suspended license and failing to appear in court. Police arrested him in September after he yelled homophobic slurs out his car window. He was booked for disorderly conduct and felony obstruction.

Of course, Jordan embarrassed himself during a recent episode of RHOA. Cameras caught him destroying Moore’s garage during a heated argument earlier this year. Jordan was not prosecuted for the damage, but claims that Moore made it all up.

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan seemed to be happy earlier this season on 'RHOA.' [Image by Bravo]

In fact, Radar Online reported that Jordan took to social media and bashed Moore for lying about their relationship. “Please stop lying,” Jordan wrote. “The whole abusive boyfriend thing, I’ll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place.”

Jordan and Moore called it quits following the blowout fight. While Moore remains a single woman, Jordan is currently dating Tiffany Maiyon.

“Yes, I am confirming that we are dating currently,” Maiyon revealed. “That’s sad she’s still doing interviews and such saying so. I met him a few months ago. We were friends and decided to date publicly once they were completely broken up.”

Tell us! Do you think Kenya Moore was in the right when she pulled a gun on the trespassers at Moore Manor? Let us know in the comments below.

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