Chrissy Metz Of ‘This Is Us’ Weighs In On Toby’s Fate, Says Fans Will Have Closure [Spoilers]

Fans are more than ready for the return of This is Us on Tuesday and to find out the fate of Chrissy Metz’s boyfriend, Toby. The fall finale left viewers stunned and excited to see where show writers will take fans next after Toby was seen collapsing over a coffee table on Christmas night, just after rekindling his relationship with Metz. Chrissy recently weighed in on the much anticipated winter premiere.

TV Guide was in attendance at a small press conference, featuring Chrissy, as part of the Television Critics Association’s winter previews and shared Chrissy’s thoughts on the upcoming winter premiere. Metz said, “You should have some tissues ready. There’s some unexpected scenes, and stuff that no one is going to be ready to see.”

When the fall finale aired, the final scene showed Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, flat-lined laying on the operating table. When all is said and done Chrissy wants fans to be happy with where the show is going, regardless of what ends up happening to Toby. Metz says, “I think that people will be very surprised [by the episode], maybe a little on edge, but also excited to see what the next step is going to be for everyone.”

The entire cast is being very careful not to give anything major away regarding Toby’s fate. Fans keep holding on to the phrase of the episode, “Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve,” in hopes that Toby will survive. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Chrissy to try and get a little more information on the return of This is Us. Metz had the following to say about the story surrounding her character Kate Pearson and Toby.

“Right now, it’s about what’s going on with Toby. How and if can we fix what’s happened because at this point no one knows the diagnosis. All we know that he’s potentially flat-lined. If anyone loses anyone, it’s absolutely devastating. Absolutely devastating. There are going to be questions answered. You’ll have a little closure”

Entertainment Weekly caught up with This is Us creator Dan Fogelman, who also weighed in on Toby’s fate. Like Chrissy, Fogelman revealed that fans won’t have to wait too long to find out what is going to happen to Toby. He said, “We’re not going to drag out Toby’s fate. You find out if he made it in the first five minutes of the episode.” Fogelman also says, “There is a cold open with Milo [Ventimiglia, who plays Jack,] and Mandy [Moore, who plays Rebecca], and then the first thing back gives you basically an answer.”

Chrissy also shared that regardless of what happens to Toby, the outcome will change Metz’s character in the long run. Entertainment Tonight shared Chrissy’s thoughts that having such a long break over the holidays gave fans a chance to grieve and let what happened soak in. Metz says, “Right now, they’re very upset, so I’m hoping that they’ll feel a little bit better.” When talking about Toby’s future, Chrissy says, “It’s very uncertain. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Sterling K. Brown also shared thoughts on the huge Toby cliffhanger. Brown said fans have approached him after the big finale with concerns over Toby. Brown said, “A few people have asked me, like, ‘You didn’t kill Toby! I can’t believe this!’ And I was like, ‘Do you want me to tell you? Or do you just want to watch?'” Sterling continued by saying, “If folks have enjoyed the first half of This Is Us, I think we got something special for them on the back end.”

After a five week absence, fans are more than ready to finally pick up where This is Us left off in early December. Chrissy revealed to E!News that fans are even stopping her in the street to offer their condolences and concerns over Toby. Metz said the following about co-star Chris Sullivan.

“It’s so exciting when people don’t care about what I’m doing, or Kate. They’re like, ‘What about Toby?’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ Because Chris, I adore him. I would not be here without him. He’s so instrumental in my process, in my acting. It’s a major cliffhanger, and we don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

Just after the fall finale aired in December, Sullivan talked about Toby’s collapse, as previously shared by the Inquisitr. When asked about his feeling’s regarding what happened to his character, Chris replied, “Oh, man. #PrayForToby.”

Fans will know one way or another on Tuesday if Toby survives his heart attack. In the meantime, Chrissy Metz and her fellow co-stars are heading to the Golden Globes Sunday night in hopes of taking home a few wins for their new hit drama. Metz is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, along with co-star Mandy Moore.

There was some speculation Chrissy would be unable to attend the awards show after she injured her knee over the holidays. Chrissy reassures fans that won’t happen. As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Chrissy says, “I wouldn’t miss this! Are you kidding? No way.”

Chrissy and the rest of the This is Us cast returns Tuesday, January 10. The winter premiere on Tuesday will be airing an hour later than normal due to a farewell address to the nation by President Obama.

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