Alec Baldwin Surprises NYU Students Post-Sandy, Still Helping Out Neighbors [Video]

New York City, NY – This week, Alec Baldwin stopped by a shelter housing New York University students left homeless in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to boost their spirits.

Hundreds of New York University students were evacuated from their dorms at the height of Sandy when the storm and high winds hit New York City on Monday. The students are at-present occupying the undergraduate activity building, the Kimmel Center, until they are given the go-ahead to return to their rooms.

Baldwin is himself an alumnus of New York University and decided to return to campus in order to check on the students, reports MSN.

The 30 Rock star talked with students and admitted that he had never seen anything like Hurricane Sandy in his lifetime. “In my lifetime, this is, like, unprecedented,” Baldwin admitted.

Baldwin’s new wife Hilaria has also been spotted helping out after Sandy, leading a grocery store drop for her elderly New York neighbors. Baldwin admitted that he’s also working hard to do his part.

He says: “In the building I live in, which is near here, we volunteered to bring food and prescriptions, go off and get supplies for the elderly. Both elevators were out … so people in the building are taking turns.”

Interestingly, Staten Islander and HuffPo blogger Danielle Giaccio wrote a column yesterday asking why celebrities haven’t really stepped up to support New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Singling out celebrities like Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and George Clooney, Giaccio criticizes do-gooder celebs as charlatans “who pick and choose when you want to be caught giving only when it serves your public persona.”

Don’t fret, Ms. Giaccio. Be encouraged! Here is Alec Baldwin hanging out with his “own” and doing some good for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. That, and he managed all of this without knocking out a single photographer.

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