Kelly Osbourne Says Ozzy Intentionally Overdosed When He Learned Sharon Had Cancer, Credits Robin Williams With Saving Mother’s Life

Kelly Osbourne has a new book coming out, and it’s aptly titled There Is No F*cking Secret.

In the book, Kelly Osbourne opens up about her mother, Sharon, suffering through colon cancer, how it affected her father, Ozzy, and a host of other topics from dating to racism to drug addiction.

In one particularly moving passage, Kelly Osbourne recalls Ozzy intentionally overdosing on pills and alcohol because he could not deal with the possibility of Sharon’s death, according to a synopsis of the book from Page Six.

“Dad was there in his boxers, and I watched him scoop his hands into a bowl of pills, swallow a handful of something, and then wash it down with vodka,” Kelly writes in the book.

An ambulance had to be called for both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, and Ozzy was almost arrested en route to the hospital.

“[H]e leaned over to put his hand out to see if mum was breathing,” Kelly recalls. “Then he passed out with his hand over her mouth… The EMTs tried to pull him off, and Dad, not knowing where he was or what he was doing, started to resist out of habit. They pulled over the ambulance and started to call the police.”

The surprise hit reality TV show The Osbournes chronicled the life of legendary hard rocker Ozzy and his family for four seasons from 2002 to 2005. Anyone who watched the show knows that Ozzy and Sharon shared a deep, albeit sometimes contentious, and loud, love for one another.

It is easy to imagine Ozzy having difficulty facing Sharon’s death, as Kelly says in her book.

“Dad could not handle the thought of losing mum,” she says.

In a somewhat disturbing glimpse into the private medical practices of the super-rich, Kelly recounts a doctor coming to the family home to dose Ozzy to help him get through the family crisis. The scene is reminiscent to reports surrounding the death of pop icon Michael Jackson and his personal physician.

Kelly says Ozzy’s doctor would come to their house and “shoot him up with whatever he wanted while the [doctor’s] son sat in our dining room and played video games.”

Ozzy Osbourne is notorious for having spent decades abusing his body with drugs and alcohol. His abuse was so extreme and prolonged that it attracted the attention of researchers who wondered — quite frankly — why he hasn’t died yet.

In 2010, researchers with Knome, a genetics lab based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, did a full genome analysis on Ozzy.

The results? Ozzy is a genetic mutant, and that’s what has allowed his body to endure the damage he has put it through.

“Genes connected to addiction, alcoholism and the absorption of marijuana, opiates and methamphetamines all had unique variations in Osbourne, a few of which Knome geneticists had never seen before,” ABC News reported at the time.

“I’ve always said that at the end of the world there will be roaches, Ozzy and Keith Richards,” Sharon joked upon hearing the analysis. “He’s going to outlive us all. That fascinated me — how his body can endure so much.”

Speaking of joking, there is an unexpected and heartwarming moment in the book when Kelly Osbourne credits the late comedian Robin Williams with helping Sharon pull through her battle with cancer.

“[Robin] climbed into bed with her… He stayed there all afternoon, and throughout the house, you could hear her cackling with laughter,” Page Six quotes Kelly’s book. “Shortly after he left, she told us that she’d decided to go back and finish chemo… Robin Williams helped save mum’s life.”

Williams himself passed away in 2014 after fighting against depression for many years.

Kelly Osbourne’s book will be released by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in April

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